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Five Things I Miss About Michigan

I’m heading to northern Michigan next week to visit my parents, which means one long drive across Ohio and an even longer one through southern and the northern-lower peninsula of Michigan. It is a drive I am by now very … Continue reading

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Diary Monday!

It has been a long time since I mined my past journals for this blog’s amusement, but since I am up at five in the morning on a Monday, facing a week loaded with a minimum of four meetings per … Continue reading

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who taught McCain to use air quotes?

not that I was going to vote for Senator McCain anyway, but as my brother D noted last night, we had to watch the debate because we cannot be the people who refuse to listen to the other side of … Continue reading

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Fess up Challenge Wrap Up

As a blogger, have you ever found yourself blogging about a subject that might not have a particular resolution, or a problem that somehow solves itself, and later realize you never completed the narrative for your audience? I do this … Continue reading

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white-knuckled hope

I bought a new white blouse yesterday, a fancy new white blouse with a bow-type thing around the waist. I’m not fully sure I can carry it off and I also feel it emphasizes the fat I still have around … Continue reading

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fessing up challenge wrap up on its way…

i’ve been felled by a wicked chest cold and haven’t felt like doing much besides sitting listlessly in front of the television, but I am on the mend now. I will wrap up the fessing challenge this coming friday, but … Continue reading

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