Music Lyric Monday

I’ve been wanting to write about music ever since I started this blog but whenever I sat down to do so I found myself overwhelmed, not knowing where to begin. Did I blog about music, such a general term all by itself, by focusing on one artist at a time? One genre? One album? Did I write about the music that makes me believe I’m a misplaced southerner, or the music that takes me back to high school or college? There is too, of course, the fear that y’all will judge me for what occasionally is some truly bad taste. I can’t profess to have a very hip sense of music, like my cousin or my brother or my friend Jean. What does the music I like (no, the music I LOVE) say about me? But none of this should matter. After all, it’s just music. It’s not like I am about to write a satire recommending we all eat our babies. But then again…to say it’s JUST music….well, it diminishes one of the greatest joys of my life.

See how I had trouble blogging about it all? But then along came the fabulous Emily, instigating Music Lyric Mondays – the perfect venue to begin, however slowly, synthesizing this love of mine into words on this blog. So, here is what you need to know about me and music, before I begin participating in Music Lyric Monday: The first record I remember owning beyond those little Disney records that played songs from Sleeping Beauty and Snow White is Barbara Streisand’s tribute album to Broadway songs. I owned this as a record and listened to it over and over and over again, and that’s another thing you should know – when I find a song or an album I love I will play it continuously until it is part of me, and S. calls this Courtenizing music. One of the first tapes I owned was the soundtrack to “Dirty Dancing” and my mom was so sick of hearing it she told me if I played it too much it would wear out and they stopped making it WHICH WAS TOTALLY NOT TRUE. I once destroyed a DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince tape instead of returning it when my mom found it. She thought the song “Parents Just Don’t Understand” was disrespectful, and thus began my puberty. In college my friend Carrie and I would play different Jimmy Buffett albums and drink daiquiris when the world was too much with us. I think I encouraged S. to go to graduate school in Durham instead of Atlanta because of James Taylor’s “Carolina on my Mind.” I put in Pearl Jam every time I drive into my hometown and I listen to at least one of Patrick Sweany’s albums whenever I drive through Ohio. I listen to music when I blog but I do not when writing my novel because I find anymore I need complete silence for that act, while at the same time I want my novel to feel, to the reader, that reading it is like listening to a series of their favorite tunes. If I am in a restaurant with a jukebox I will waste as much cash as I can spare playing songs. I think Billy Joel is a genius. I was hoping my next European vacation would be to Greece but after reading a recent NY Times travel article I now hope it will be to Belfast. S. and I plan vacations and weekends away around music we want to hear. I believe in purchasing cds over itunes, even though I have an Ipod. One of my clearest memories from junior high is the day my dad introduced me to Stevie Ray Vaughn and Creedence Clearwater Revival. I believe that there is such a thing as the perfect album to play during brunch. Okay, onwards.

I’ve decided to share, for my first Music Lyric Monday, the lyrics to my favorite song. Please note, my favorite song has never been my theme song…yes, I have theme songs, and I will share them with you over time…and it isn’t the go-to source for my novel inspiration, although parts of it inspire my novel, and it isn’t the best driving song I know, but it remains, still, my favorite song.

This much I know is true – I could write and write and write on the brilliance of slide guitarist Sonny Landreth and never be done. I have attempted essays on what his work means to me dozens of times but they never pan out because the personal always exceeds what the public may be interested in. But I will say Sonny Landreth changed my entire relationship to music and ushered in an adoration for guitar playing I never thought possible, even back when I dated for two months NG, who played guitar in our school’s jazz band. And what other song writer manages to place the words “reverie” and “prescient” in a song? I doubt any.

Sonny Landreth Love and Glory Lyrics: (from Levee Town)
Spider-Gris caught Evangeline grinning
After one of his tales left her pretty head a spinning
As if to awake from some weaving dream
Lifting her spirit till it’s busting at the seam

“Your free falling reveries, sir, rescue me
From the deep end of doubt that puts vision to sleep
But do your wild thoughts simply break formation
On a wing and a prayer or sure navigation?”

“Ma’am, I have no delusions of prescient truth
And I call to account without prophecy or proof
But I propose a course from a simple observation:
Some roads are paved with conversation

‘Cause it takes two sides of a story
To make a tale of love and glory.”
[ Find more Lyrics at ]

Evangeline turned to Spider-Gris
And said, “The drag of apprehension is releasing me
You have shared a wealth of information
With pearls of wisdom and infectious revelation

That two sides of a story
Can make a tale of love and glory.”

Try to follow the bliss every step of the mile
Don’t break the trance
After all, what better way to wear the while
Won’t you take this dance?

He gazed into the palm of her outstretched hand
As if to read the future of a noble plan
Then looked into her eyes making welcome to the heart
And heard a door open that had kept them each apart

It takes two sides of a story
To make a tale of love and glory
It takes two sides of a story
To make a tale of love and glory
Lyrics: Love and Glory, Sonny Landreth [end]

expect more, much, much more, sonny landreth!

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7 Responses to Music Lyric Monday

  1. Emily Barton says:

    Oh, me too: I buy CDs (I want the WHOLE story) over downloading tunes on my iPod, and when I like something, I play it over and over and OVER again. And Sonny Landreth? Of course! Who else would it be? And you can be happy to know I have you to thank for becoming such a fan.

  2. Pete says:

    Will have to listen first and then I can make an educated comment šŸ˜‰ But if you and Emily like him then, well, he MUST be good, right?

  3. Scott says:

    Alright, I’m ready. Initiate me into the Sonny Landreth society. What album to I have to buy to start?

    In other music news, I’ll be spending Friday bathed in the riff-glory of the Drive-By Truckers and the Hold Steady. I will cheer and rock out, but I may also weep openly among 3000 strangers.

  4. auntjone says:

    I didn’t learn about Stevie Ray Vaughan until I was in high school and he was already dead. My oldest son’s middle name is Vaughan, does that tell you the impact he had on me and his father?

    I like CDs as well. Downloaded songs seem impersonl. I do have an MP3 player but haven’t been able to do anything with it since my dumbass dog chewed the USB cable.

    Thank you for doing this. I’ve been wondering how to find new sources of non-mainstream music and I think you’re it!

  5. Jean says:

    Thanks for calling my music taste “hip”; I wish I could take credit for that. Alas, that honor belongs to my husband who teases me incessantly about how terrible he thinks my taste is (but always manages to pull out MY 80s compilations to “get the party started”).

    PS: We are headed to Belfast next weekend to marry off the last Wylie bro. Thanks for the heads up about the NYT feature.

  6. Emily – “the whole” story – yes! that is exactly what a cd is…neither S nor I can get into itunes at all!
    Pete – Emily and I have flawless taste.
    Scott – ooh, have a wonderful time tonight. And I would start with either “Levee Town” or “From the Reach”, with Sonny.
    Aunt Jone – I love that your oldest son’s middle name is Vaughn. He was just fantastic, wasn’t he?
    Jean – oh, I think you are more hip than you think! Andrew is just louder! But he is very good at getting a party going. Have a great trip to Belfast…did you find the article i mentioned?

  7. VedgeDuette says:

    At most testing to see if your annotation fuctinon works, deposit doesnt!

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