Movies and Plays, 2008

One of my goals for 2008 was to prioritize activities that bring me joy. This time last year I felt that I skipped doing a lot of things that would make me happy, either because there wasn’t enough time or, well, that probably was the only reason.  Movies and plays – shows of almost any kind, really – bring me tremendous happiness and keeping track of what I saw on this blog seemed like a fun idea. I am definitely going to continue keeping track of the movies and plays I see on here again in 2009 – I found it very enjoyable.  Unfortunately I only saw two plays last year but I am fully confident 2009 will bring many, many more theater productions into my life.

It was a pretty great movie year. This year I hope to see more movies in the theater and support the locally run movie theaters. I’d also like to see as many of the Oscar movies as possible. Here are some movie highlights from this year:

Movie In Which I Wanted to Wear All the Clothes and Sleep with the Hero, even though I would look Terrible Doing Both: Atonement

Movie in Which I Cried Multiple Times Even Though I Knew What Was Coming, but It was Okay because A. and I also Discovered the Best Nachos In Detroit that Day: Kite Runner

Favorite Movie of the Year: The Lives of Others

Movie Most Resembling My Novel in Tone and Scope (at least, in My Head): Evening

Best Adaptation from a Book: The Door in the Floor

Movie I Most Wanted To Move Into and Live There Forever:Two Days in Paris

Movie In Which I Cried Multiple Times and Didn’t Know What to Expect and Also was home alone with no Nachos: Away from Her

Most Overrated and REALLY???? This is a movie for women? OMG The tv show was so much better Movie of the Year: Sex and the City

Most Surprisingly Enjoyable Movie: The Jane Austen Book Club

Movie with the Villian That Gave Me Nightmares for Two Weeks, No Lie : No Country for Old Men;

Movie That Made Me Long For My Youth, and How I felt When  Watching Movies, As Though the whole entire wide world was Open to Me and it would be Full of Beauty and Light : Philadelphia

Best Romantic Comedy/Drama :PS, I Love You

Movie S. and I watched and Enjoyed Together, While Often Pausing to Try and Recall phrases like no taxation without representation: John Adams

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6 Responses to Movies and Plays, 2008

  1. Kim says:

    I know…I sat in the theater with a few older ladies scattered about the darkness, all crying at “Away from Her”. Such a good, sad story. Have you read the story by Alice Munro that it’s based on? So so good. I read both “The Kite Runner” and “No Country for Old Men” and then couldn’t bring myself to watch the movies. I was already haunted by certain images and didn’t need them seared into my brain from the big screen.

  2. I LOVE your list … and I completely agree about the SATC movie. It was overrated.

  3. Litlove says:

    Oh good list – I practically never watch movies because they are always either violent or gross in places. But there are several on your list that I really think I could watch.

  4. Emily Barton says:

    Oh, The Lives of Others. Sigh! I’d rank that one up there with one of the best movies I’ve ever seen, period. And I was very pleasantly surprised by P.S. I Love You, which I saw on an airplane and loved. Such a sweet premise and well done.

  5. Courtney says:

    Kim, I know what you mean about having those images burned into your head…I am concerned about seeing The Road for that very reason.

    Charlotte, it’s just that it didn’t capture the television show’s spirit really, did it?

    LItlove, I think you would really like Away From Her and Two Days in Paris.

    Emily, also, that movie made me want to move to Ireland and marry Gerard Butler!

  6. nova says:

    Great list! You truly crack me up.

    I love this one: “Movie In Which I Cried Multiple Times and Didn’t Know What to Expect and Also was home alone with no Nachos.”

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