Recipes and Yoga, Yoga and Recipes

If you moved into your new house the second week in December, and were hosting your family for Christmas, and were pretty close to a complete breakdown because the family who lived in your home before you apparently didn’t clean anything for thirty years, and also you are on call through the holiday so if a hospital is taken hostage YOU are in charge of communication, what would you do? Well, if you lived in our little household, you would expand by one, adopting a dog from a shelter.

Yes, we are crazy, but the dog we adopted, a collie/hound dog mix named Skylar, is amazing. I would post pictures but as is the manner of things during the holidays my digital camera is kaput and so I will write the introductory blog post at a later date, when I have some pictures to share as well, but for now just note that Skylar (not named by us) is the dog.

As you were.

Oh, but first! Animal Friends! If you live in the greater Pittsburgh area and want to adopt, we cannot recommend this organization highly enough. Skylar came to the shelter with flea, mange and unspecified behavioral issues and four months later, we adopted a dog in perfect health who knows “sit” and “stay” and “down” and “treat” and “paw.” Also, they will trim your animal’s nails for free for the rest of his natural existence. – check them out!

Okay, seriously. I have a LOT I wanted to blog about before January 1st – I actually do have a plan in my head. The blogging plan, as I see it, may very well end up bleeding into early January and I am working to convince myself that it is okay, in fact, I could even abandon the plan come January 1st, say, if I just wanted to start blogging off the cuff.

It’s crazy times around everythinginbetween. Crazy times.

I think we can all agree, however, that in terms of 2008’s resolutions to explore more recipes and properly integrate my yoga practice into a near-daily habit, I failed miserably. MISERABLY. But ’tis the Christmas season and I have decided to forgive myself for both because instead I *got a new job and *moved to Pittsburgh and *S. graduated from law school and *S. studied for the bar and *S. passed the bar and we *bought a house and that is enough for one year.  The yoga resolution will be made again in 2009, and I do think I will continue to keep track of new recipes on the blog as well although this year it won’t be because of a resolution but because on the whole I imagine this blog to have a more homemaker’s bent than in the past. Which is only natural. Since I am now a homemaker.

For a quick review, this year the recipes I shared included Dump Cake, which is the post I get the most hits on because we are nothing if not a cake-motivated society,  Butterscotch Banana Muffins, which I ate for like three months straight, Spring Greens with Chicken (make this come spring! Seriously! Do!), Sweet Blueberry soup with Yogurt (will probably never make again although it was delicious), Basic Pesto, Buttermilk Chicken Drumsticks, and Cheddar, Steak and Ale Pie.

As for yoga, even with my piddly practice I had a couple breakthroughs – I can finally do tree which I know sounds ridiculous but I have always struggled with that pose, even when I could move easily into Warrior Three and Dancer, Tree eluded me.  And I’ve recently had a couple outstanding practices. So, you know. Yay, Tree!

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9 Responses to Recipes and Yoga, Yoga and Recipes

  1. theothermonkey says:

    Yaaay! You moved into your home, congratulations. We adopted some kittens the second we moved into our first home because you can never have enough on your plate when dealing with grown up things like mortgages, cleaning and guttering.
    I hope you have a great Christmas in your new home, I am sure that everything will go swimmingly.

  2. Becky says:

    I think you should sit back in extreme smugness this Christmas in reviewing what you and S did this year. In fact, you probably get a year off doing anything at all to recover. Happy holidays!

  3. litlove says:

    Moving house, let alone moving job and state, is enough for anyone in one year! I’ve got yoga resolutions for 2009, so we can encourage each other then.

    Very merry Christmas to you and S., Courtney!

  4. nova says:

    So much is going on with you! Congratulations, and Happy Holidays!

  5. Andi says:

    Awwwww, I can’t wait to meet Skylar!! Happy holidays!

  6. Cam says:

    You’ve accomplished a lot! Congrats on it all.

    Tree looks so easy. As part of physical therapy, I’ve been working on it for a year. It took me weeks before I could stand for more than 5 seconds without one hand on the wall. I hadn’t thought about that being an accomplishment this year, but you’ve made me realize that now that I can stand in tree throughout a conference call, I guess that really is something. (I know that isn’t really a yoga practice but it does calm me down.) So, yah, tree! for both of us!

    Wishing you and S and all that you love and that brings you joy, a great 2009.

  7. Emily Barton says:

    Okay, reading everything that you decided to do in December, I can definitely say I’ve met my match when it comes to over-doing. You’re right: you did plenty in 2008, so forget last year’s resolutions. Meanwhile, I think you need to spend 2009 doing nothing more than standing around in the Tree pose (oh, and getting out of it occasionally to sip lemon ginger tea and read a good book).

  8. Courtney says:

    Monkey – everything DID go swimmingly and I am just now coming down from the adrenaline rush! I am looking forward to a quiet January…
    Becky – I think we are taking a year off – that’s just what we discussed tonight!
    Litlove – I look forward to encouraging one another on in our practice. We both seem to have the temperment that craves peace, however fleeting…
    Nova, right back at you, girl!
    Andi – He is so freaking cute, there are no words.
    Cam – YES. Yay, tree. It DOES feel like an accomplishment!
    Emily – yogi lemon ginger tea is god’s gift to us, I truly believe it. Thanks for showing me a brand SANS soy!

  9. marty says:

    Just wanted to delurk to say congratulations on the new house! The near-daily yoga is going to be a resolution for me, too. 🙂

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