A blogging break

Dear readers,

As the title suggests, I will be taking a blogging break. There is only one reason for this – the novel. I promised myself a complete first draft finished by the end of March, before S. and I leave for the Final Four. And oh, readers, I am getting close! In fact, I’ve even written the last line, which I’ve known since the beginning of the book. Now that I’m so far in, it’s so much easier to write, actually – which surprises me. I think it’s because I know the character’s voices now, and I know how most of the rest falls together. The biggest surprise for me is the realization I still don’t know if Anna stays with her ex-husband, Ben, up in Michigan or if she goes with Joel, the vagabond guitar player. It had always been my intent that she stays with Ben, her One True Love, but as I write I’m really beginning to love Joel and recognize she and Ben are terribly flawed when together, no matter how much they try. Not sure which way I’ll go with that, yet. I’ve also given myself permission to skip writing two of the chapters, the two chapters that will take the most research, and conduct the research during the two months I plan to take off once the draft is complete.

Because my writing time is limited to mornings and weekends, and because March is looking ridiculous in terms of travel for both work and pleasure, I have to work on my novel every spare chance I get. I’ll keep my sidebars updated and I will certainly be reading your blogs, so I won’t be disappearing completely. I expect to return either after the week I am taking off to hide away at my in-laws in their farmhouse on the river in upstate New York to complete the draft and help my mother-in-law after her surgery, or immediately after the Final Four in early April – it really depends on when I am able to finish. The earliest I’ll be back is March 24, the lastest April 5 or so.

I wish you all a great blogging March, and I will see you soon!

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16 Responses to A blogging break

  1. Good luck with finishing your draft! We are in tandem, you and me, since I’m on track to finish by the end of March too. See you on the other side …

  2. laura says:

    Wow, I’m so excited for you being almost done! Good luck, and have fun finishing it off! Let me know if you need a beta reader 🙂

  3. auntjone says:

    Happy traveling and best of luck on your novel! I’m already making plans to attend your booksigning… 🙂

  4. Pete says:

    Happy writing Courtney! Holding thumbs that it all goes according to plan. And am dying to know how it turns out. Ben? Joel? Some third option (with a kick in the tail)?

  5. bloglily says:

    Yippee! You’re so close. Good luck, have fun, and can’t wait to read it when you’re ready to send it out into the world!! xoxoxo

  6. Make Tea Not War says:

    Good luck with the novel and see you on the other side!

  7. ZoesMom says:

    Can’t wait to read it!

  8. debra says:

    Good luck, Courtney! We’ll be here when you return. 🙂

  9. Karen says:

    All the best for your writing! It must be very exciting to be this close to finishing.

  10. Litlove says:

    Good luck!!! I am so looking forward to reading this one day, and I’m sure I will.

  11. yogamum says:

    That is the BEST reason to take a blog hiatus!!! Good luck!

  12. Stefanie says:

    This is so great! Good luck finishing the draft and have fun at the final four!

  13. Emily Barton says:

    How exciting! Good luck. Maybe I need to set some sort of deadline like this for my own novel, which is feeling very neglected these days.

  14. nova says:

    This is so very exciting! A much-deserved blogging break. I can’t wait to see you back on here with the news that you finished your novel!

  15. Dawn says:

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