Back to Blogging…

When I have a lot to share, and not a ton of time to do so, I like to take a nod from the fabulous Ms. Make Tea and write in bullet points. I find it helps return me to a blogging rhythm, as well…

  • I did not manage to finish my novel during the break. But I am getting close…so close! I did make excellent progress. All I can do is keep doing what I’m doing and eventually it will be done. It’s time, though, to return it to its place on the priority list, which is still very high but not on top.
  • The NCAA tournament – I thought S. was going to keel over from a heart attack last night. We ended up going out for dinner which we have not been doing recently (Lent) but when I realized we couldn’t get the Michigan State game in its entirety at home S. called Tournament Dispensation and we flew to Doc’s, where not only was the MSU game on, so was Missouri/Marquette and Siena/Louisville. At one point S. looked at me and said “I’m so overstimulated I might have a temper tantrum.” GREAT games last night, and Duke, Pitt and MSU are all in the Sweet Sixteen! Woot!
  • S.’s parents are the kind of people who, when they see you reading a book, promptly give you five or ten other things you should be reading instead. It is rarely worth giving their proferrings more than a cursory nod, but the poems by John Updike in this week’s New Yorker? Blew. Me. Away. My father-in-law and I had a great conversation about them. When S, is done with our issue at least two of them are going up on my writing board.
  • Had a really good week talking things over with S. – my job, his job, where we’ve been, where we are headed. He is the best person to talk things over with, because he is open to any possibility – he has the best sense of adventure! If I said I wanted to move to Africa, or I just HAD to try a career as a stage actress, he wouldn’t bat an eye. He would just say “Okay, what do we need to do to make that happen? Let’s come up with a plan.”
  • I am never volunteering to cook in another person’s kitchen, again. So if you have me over, be prepared to cook for me. It is horribly annoying to use other people’s ingredients/pots/pans/spices/stove/oven/etcetera – the meal I made my mother-in-law the day of her surgery was in no way indicitave of my skills. So, um, no. Not doing that again. I’m a great bartender, though.
  • Am feeling very empowered and “take charge of my life” like…tired of the same old things haunting me year after year after year and do not want my thirties to be a repeat of my twenties, but it’s so easy to just keep doing the same old thing because, you know, my job drains me and there are only so many hours in a day and our house needs so much work…but, NO! It is up to me and I need to stop making excuses and do the work to be in a different place in a few years.
  • If I told you some of the things that I feel are out of control, though, you would just laugh since it’s the usual…need to get in better shape, work on the house, continue improving our financial situation …
  • but, you know. One day at a time. One blog post, one page of the novel, one workout, one day of work at a time. Life should not be lived with the fast-forward button on all of the time.
  • I feel the  need for a concluding bullet…some bit of wisdom to end the list, but I don’t have such a bullet. I guess what I’m feeling, mostly, is that I am at this “shit or get off the pot” moment in time and it both scares and excites me because while I would like for things to slow down it seems time just moves steadily onward whether I am ready for it to or not and I’d better get hip to that fact and embrace because nothing is going to stop life from unfolding. No breathers, no breaks. Onward march.
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11 Responses to Back to Blogging…

  1. lilalia says:

    Glad your back. Sharp knives. That is the only thing most people don’t have, which I really need to cook at someone else’s home.

  2. Always gives me a lift when I see in my feedreader that you’ve got a new post! I agree with you that cooking in other people’s houses is not always easy – just not as smooth as cooking at home. And the philosophy of not being on fast forward is a good one.

  3. gumbomum says:

    I’m in this vacation rental house and the knives completely suck. And dull knives are dangerous! I asked my husband to buy me a knife roll so that the next time we go on vacation, I can just bring my knives.

  4. Make Tea Not War says:

    >If I told you some of the things that I feel are out of control, though, you would just laugh since it’s the usual…need to get in better shape, work on the house, continue improving our financial situation …

    I don’t feel like I have these things under control either! And I am an impatient person and I want it all happen now. But you are probably right about it happening step by step. Although my experience of property ownership and improvement is that the work will literally never be done there is always something to break or that needs improvement/repainting/etc 😦

  5. appellationmountain says:

    I cannot tell you how much I’m looking forward to reading your novel. Some day – no pressure!

    Amen to your “life should not be lived with the fast-forward button” mantra. It’s too easy to miss out.

  6. Smithereens says:

    Great to read your post today! I’ll definitely check these NewYorker poems. I need some poetry.

  7. Emily Barton says:

    Boy, John Updike is coming at me from every direction, it seems. I must move him up on the TBR list. I love to cook in other people’s kitchens, but I’m a terrible bartender, so when I come visit you, you can make the drinks, and I’ll cook you dinner, so you can have a little time to work on all those things that are “out of control.” Making dinner gets in the way of doing that — at least if you’re me, because I would always much rather make dinner, and after all, we HAVE to eat, than do things like get my financial situation under control.

  8. bluebluesoup says:

    I feel EXACTLY the same way about taking charge of my life. It is time! No more drifting.

    I also can’t wait to read your novel someday!

  9. Courtney says:

    Liliana – Yes! Exactly! My in-laws did NOT have sharp knives, for one.
    Charlotte – it’s a good philosophy, but certainly hard to keep in mind all of the time…
    Gumbo – I think that’s a great gift idea. People, really, it’s all about the knives…
    Ms. Make Tea…while I appreciate the insight I am having a bit of a panic attack over the fact my house really – may – never – be – done…
    AB – (now my code name for you…) – we certainly didn’t miss out this weekend – it was so freaking fabulous to see you. We are so totally in love with the kids, as well.
    Smithereens – the poems are really just astounding…I will probably post some here…
    Emily – isn’t it weird when the universe gives you signs about what you should be reading? If I paid any attention I’m pretty sure I should be reading 2666…
    Blue Soup – when the novel is done and has been rejected from agents and editors I will mail it to whomever wants to read it, so you absolutely will get the chance. Someday.

  10. Pete says:

    So glad to see you back. I can relate to the impatience to get things done already. But also to the one-step-at-a-time philosophy.

  11. debra says:

    I love that line: “Life should not be lived with the fast-forward button on all of the time.”

    I really needed to hear that this week. Thank you!

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