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The early thirties, professionally, anyway, for some women

My sophomore year college roommate, J., visited last weekend to celebrate our shared April birthdays.  It’s the seventh year in a row we’ve been able to celebrate together despite living in different cities, and now it’s a tradition so firmly … Continue reading

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Fess up Friday – because somebody has to

I feel I’m one of the last Friday fessers out there, although, to be fair, it is not as though I’ve fessed up in, um, a couple of months. I’ve found I don’t always have something to fess up to … Continue reading

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The Interview meme – a day late and a dollar short

This meme began circling, for the second time, I think, a couple of months ago. Basically, it’s a blogger-interviewing-blogger meme, so one blogger interviews you, you post your answers, and then volunteer to interview other bloggers. The lovely Zoesmom agreed … Continue reading

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