He’s a collie, damnit!

When I saw Skylar’s scruffy little face on the Animal Friends website back in December, accompanied by his description as a “high energetic guy who needs lots of exercise who likes to sneak treats off counters,” I knew I wanted him. Immediately. I can’t tell you why other than there was something about his curious eyes and the tilt of his head , and the fact he’d been at the shelter for four months. Adopting from a shelter was actually pretty far outside my comfort zone – my dad is a bird hunter which meant throughout my life we’ve put deposits down with reputable breeders and, when the litter comes in, gone to pick out our puppy. I am used to bringing puppies home, all small and snuggly and determined to chew the house apart. But as soon as I saw Skylar’s photo I was convinced he was our dog. The bigger problem was convincing S. Fortunately for me, the website claimed Skylar was mostly a smooth collie, and if there is anything S. loves, it’s a collie. I sent him the link to Skylar’s page after a very intelligent discussion about how we had just moved into our house and we were hosting Christmas for God’s sake and we couldn’t just go adopting a dog, and if he was still available in January maybe we’d go look, we awoke the Saturday before Christmas, tree up, shopping done, groceries purchased, and S. grumbling “Well, we might as well at least go look at that damn dog.” And so we did. And we loved him. And we brought him home, and while he certainly has a few anxiety issues, it was one of the best decisions we ever made. Skylar is the best company – seriously, the best. He has totally won me over on the whole adopting a grown dog from a shelter thing. He has a few irrational fears that paralyze him still, like garbage day, the bringing of outside things in (I brought in a bunch of our plants since it was supposed to frost the other night and oh, holy hell), much of Liberty Avenue, but for the most part he has overcome all of the others, like stairs, and the dishwasher, and the grill.

S. swears he is practically purebred with little or no mutt in him, but the majority of people who encounter Skylar beg to differ. It irks S. a little bit because he recognizes Skylar’s behavior as collie behavior and his markings are very consistent with blue merle smooth collies, but there isn’t one person who has looked at Skylar and said Oh! Blue merle smooth collie! Of course! Guesses as to his heritage have run the gamut from greyhound to beagle to shephard to spaniel. I don’t care what he is – what he is, is just so sweet, but S. is convinced he is collie and that is good enough for me. For now, I leave you with some pictures – feel free to draw your own conclusions!


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11 Responses to He’s a collie, damnit!

  1. Dorothy W. says:

    Adorable! We know Muttboy is part lab, but what the other part or parts are we have no idea, and everybody has their guess, but their guesses are all generally very different. Oh, well, it really doesn’t matter. I’m so glad Skylar is doing well!

  2. gumbomum says:

    I love his ears SOOOOO much!!!

  3. Cam says:

    As someone who had a smooth collie for 16 years (the best collie in the world, but since he’s gone, I’m sure Skylar wears the crown now!) , I knew right away that Skylar was a Smooth Blue Merle. My wonderful collie was a Smooth Sable. His ears and his nose were very similar to Skylar’s, except for the color of the fur. The way he sits and lays in these pictures screams collie as well. I bet he tries to herd you & S and will pace if you are in different rooms where he can’t see both of you at once.

    People always expect collies to look like Lassie. When I use to tell people Diz was a collie, the response was often “part collie, and part, what? German Shepard?” I used to respond with “No. All Collie. He’s an AKC champ. Thoroughbred.” “But he must be a mix, right? if he doesn’t have all that collie fur?”

    Don’t know why I bothered as Diz only knew that he was my dog and didn’t care about the pedigree. If he was abandoned at the shelter, you might check to see if he has a tatoo registration — check his inner hind legs. Don’t know if breeders still do this or not. Maybe they just chip them all now.

    Regardless, he looks wonderful and he’s yours! Collie are smart and loyal to their owners. I hope he is your friend for a long long time.

  4. Litlove says:

    I have no idea what a collie looks like, but he looks adorable, loving and loyal to me!

  5. Amanda says:

    So so adorable. My dog is a rescue dog as well. We got him when he was four/five/something months old and he’s been t he best dog. He does freak out a bit, at first, about new things (elevators, hard wood floors, stairs, etc) but he gets over them. I’d say, if he looks full Collie, then he IS full Collie.

  6. auntjone says:

    What a sweetheart!

  7. Emily Barton says:

    I go with collie, a very, very adorable collie.

  8. Amy says:

    I love Skylar. Can’t wait to see you again boy!

  9. Courtney says:

    Dorothy – he is doing exceptionally well. The shelter told us it would take a year and while he’s always been a good dog, at six months his doggy personality is really starting to emerge.
    Gumbomum – don’t they remind you of a donkey?
    Cam – S. is so, so happy with your response. Seriously, he has been acting very triumphant ever since he read it. And yes, Skylar herds us, although he is okay if we are in separate rooms, which I know most collies aren’t.
    Litlove – I just wish I could get a picture of him “smiling” – the flash always startles him but he doesn’t often look so grim…
    Emily – hurrah! Another one for collie!
    Amy – SOON. We will see each other soon, I have a feeling. I’ll call you later today.

  10. bluebluesoup says:

    What a cute dog! We just starting fostering adult rescue dogs, and I love it. Before I think I would have wanted a puppy, but I will only do shelter or rescue now!

  11. Cam says:

    So S’s pics of Skylar showed up as something you commented on in FB (I still think that is weird; overloaded on info on friends, so having friends of friends info linked to in side bar is way too much….) but, I recognized your cute doggie and I had to take a look at the photos S had posted. I say again: that dog’s a collie! More convinced then ever by some of those pics of Skylar at the cabin.

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