Resolution check-in

It’s hard to believe, but we are halfway through 2009 already. I actually feel as though this year has been nicely paced – I don’t it slipping through my fingers like I do some years – but it still moves a bit too quickly for what I would prefer. I didn’t do a quarterly check-in of my New Year resolutions this year and upon reviewing them I can see why – for the most part they are terribly broad resolutions, the kind of resolutions achievable by the end of the year perhaps but not the kind that can be neatly crossed off month by month. Still, I think June might be a nice month to talk about some of them more in depth and discuss why others simply aren’t going to work.  I’m not going to do that here, today – I mean, I just got back from a work trip to Florida and I keep getting these warning emails from IT that threaten to close my email down since it somehow has overflowed in my absence (am very, very important, if you didn’t realize this) and since one of my resolutions was to be on time for work, I am going to give you a preview of upcoming blog posts about various resolutions instead of writing about all of them in one.

My 2009 resolutions, with comments:

To quit smoking, once and for all (this has been achieved but it demands it’s own post – possibly two posts, about this addiction I have battled for much too long – suffice it to say I am no longer smoking but it is rather recent and it’s possible I’ll have to post about this in December instead of this month if I don’t feel ready – who knows?)

To develop a wardrobe I feel comfortable with and to take better care of my femininity – probably won’t post about this – comes down to the fact I don’t love shopping and the time it takes to have a kick-ass wardrobe, but I actually believe it’s important so I’m going to concentrate on this for the next six months or so. Maybe I will post pictures of clothes. That could be fun.

To synthesize all I’ve learned about exercise and eating and develop a lifestyle rather than continuously dieting – ug, I have such food issues. SUCH food issues. I am finally on my way with this, I think – blog post to come.

To stop all negative self- talk – ha hah ah hahahahahhahaha

To find a way to cease my hypochondriac tendencies – ha hahah ahahahahah

To become more fiscally responsible, with a new financial goal each month – this is ongoing but if I do say so myself I have been stellar in this regard. S. and I still can improve in areas, but we have budgets we work within, we put money away, and we are doing pretty well. Probably no post on this as it is boring and rude to talk about money.

To get back into theater – don’t think this is going to happen, at least in terms of returning to acting. Definite post.

To engage my inner academic – am not even sure what I meant by this but am pretty sure I haven’t done this yet

Find a church and attend regularly – no post – this is a second-part-of-the-year goal

Volunteer – Tried, failed – more on this, definitely

Be on time for work – generally I am now on time for work unless I allow my writing to bleed beyond seven in the morning.

Seems like a good guide to June – posts on the above, interspersed with posts on reading, maybe some pictures, perhaps some recipes, some memes and an award to give…do you ever need a guide to help you blog? Lately when I’ve been sitting down to blog my mind has gone blank but it isn’t because I don’t want to blog…so it helps me to make a list of things to blog about until the ideas start flowing without convincing. Interestingly, the less I am writing, the less I feel I have to blog about, which reinforces my opinion about writing begetting writing.

Off to answer all those emails and resume status as very important person…


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7 Responses to Resolution check-in

  1. Dorothy W. says:

    All your potential posts sound very interesting — even and especially the money one, as I don’t think it’s boring at all or that it’s rude to talk about it. But the choice is yours of course!

  2. Amanda says:

    O my gosh. Your list looks a lot like mine (if I had a list). I too HATE shopping for clothes. I really do need to upgrade my wardrobe. Sigh. I tried making a goal of putting aside money every paycheck to start upgrading but that never happened. Hmmm…maybe posting photos would help. And church is a big one too. Hey, I think you are helping to motivate me. Thanks! 🙂

  3. Litlove says:

    I’m happy to have posts on any of the above! I didn’t even know you smoked, and food issues are always interesting to me. Life, it’s an ongoing struggle to do things that are good for you and not do things that are bad, isn’t it?

  4. musingsfromthesofa says:

    Food issues, don’t we all have them? The main one being all nice food is bad for you, forcing us to leave in a near constant state of denial.
    I shop all the time and I’m still in search of a kick ass wardrobe. I’ve decided it’s something that happens gradually, over time. Kind of like enlightenment, one is always working towards it. Or, you just decide that pants + shirt + cardigan/jacket work fine and wear that every single day. Ta da!

    Looking forward to your posts. I don’t even make resolutions and you have quite a hefty bunch there.

  5. Bluestalking says:

    I’d say you’re doing pretty well. To my mind, if you can change/modify two or three things about yourself every year, that’s pretty darn good. We are creatures of habit, after all.

    Quitting smoking? That’s huge! I, thankfully, never began that habit but I understand how addictive it is. It’s like my addiction to sweets – tough to break and/or modulate.

    Funny, I was just thinking the other day, I should review my NY goals and see how I’m doing. Because I can’t even REMEMBER them now!

    How convenient …. 😉

  6. Dorothy – tell you what, I will do the financial post in December…I’ll have more to talk about then I imagine, including trying to understand my retirement plan…
    Amanda – and I thought living in NYC would make shopping easier! Man, I guess if you don’t like to do it it isn’t fun ANYWHERE.
    Litlove – unfortunately yes I smoked off and on for quite awhile. Some days I beat myself up about and some days I am just glad I don’t anymore!
    Musings – NOT making resolutions each year stresses me out MUCH more than making them…I don’t freak if I don’t achieve them but I like having some sort of guide…
    Lisa – I look forward to stopping by and seeing how you’re doing!

  7. Steph says:

    Courtney: I want to read your quitting smoking post. I quit last May (’08) and haven’t touched one since, but the addiction is still powerful. I worry about picking them up again…the thoughts still cross my mind. I feel like it’s only a matter of time until I’m weak enough to convince myself it’s a good idea.

    Blogging about money isn’t rude, it’s fascinating!

    I think all of these reso’s are great. Can’t WAIT for the upcoming posts on them. Theater, too…would love to get back into that myself. I’m waiting for a community theater prod. of Sound of Music so I can try out for Maria.

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