Award Time!

While I was away on vacation, the incredibly talented blogger zoesmom tagged me for this blogging award:


To accept this award, I must list 7 personality traits about myself and I must pass this award onto 7 other blogs that share their personalities with the blogging world. I woke up this morning a little unsettled that my room was so much darker at 5:45 than it has been – we are too quickly moving toward winter, it seems – so it seems like a perfect time to begin catching up on the awards and memes that have been circling this summer.

Seven Personality Traits

(1.) I am a horrible, horrible hypochondriac. I am much, much better than I used to be but this anxiety can still flair up occasionally. It was at it’s worst in my mid-twenties but I still find my mind wandering in that direction from time to time. Just last week when I was reading an article a friend had written for a magazine I briefly wondered if I had leprosy, since that is what his article was about. I mean, leprosy? Seriously? I’ve gone to the doctor for zits that I thought were cancer. Again, this is much more under control than it was years ago, but it is how I manifest when I am feeling anxious about something else.

(2.) I would rather wear old jeans, a t-shirt and sandals any day of the week than put on work clothes. This quite distinguishes me from many of my colleagues who are completely obsessed with clothes and will often put on credit cards or drain their bank accounts for designer labels. When they start talking about Kate Spade my eyes glaze over and I stop listening. At least one half of the reason I hope to eventually work from home is because of the dress code.

(3.) I have to work really hard to keep from beating myself up internally at least ten times a day, for all manner of trivial things. Just yesterday I was lecturing myself about how I hadn’t made any fruit pies this summer so far. Like that’s important. About as important as owning a Louis Vuitton, really. I am terrible about concentrating on my failures instead of my successes.

(4.) I often run late for work. I don’t run late for anything else but since I usually work on my writing in the morning, either on the novel or this blog, I have to make sure I tear myself away from the computer by 7:15 or I will, no matter how quickly I move, be late for work. As often as not I try to finish one more scene, one more paragraph…

(5.) Hmm, so far these come across as mostly negative. Will now attempt to write three positive personality traits to end this. Despite all mentioned above, I actually consider myself one of the more relaxed people I know. I am not a perfectionist and am able much more than my husband or many friends I know to spend long periods of time reading, writing, watching movies…yes, even when the bathroom needs to be cleaned. I allow myself extraodinary periods of fun – as the book says, I don’t often sweat the small stuff.

(6.) I make friends easily, and keep them forever. I know it sounds heinously egotistical to say this, but I often feel as though people really like me and what to spend time with me even when I am not quite there yet. I can think of a couple friends who I never, ever thought I’d stay in touch with who have hung on through sheer determination of their own and little to no work on my part. The flip side of this, though, is that I am very willing to put a significant amount of time getting to know a person, and I don’t dismiss it when people try to become my friend.

(7.) I try to always do the right thing in the workplace, and find myself returning to the words of my old boss in Detroit, who, when we faced this or that problem, always asked “What is the right thing to do, and how can I help you do it?”  It has caused a few clashes in my Pittsburgh workplace because not everyone agrees or thinks this way, but those words are my talisman – if I am ever fired or laid off or what not I will know that at every turn I tried to do the right thing. Certainly, I don’t always succeed, but I try.

Okay! Now I can tag seven bloggers who share their personaties with us on a regular basis. I am going to try and not repeat any I’ve seen tagged thus far, but I may not be successful:

1. Blue Soup, because who doesn’t love a blog named after a Bridget Jone’s disaster? And also, her blog is compassionate and fun and engaging;

2. Cam, whose last blog post was so evocative it made me want to up and move to Chicago immediately;

3. Laugh, Mom, a writer-friend from the former 4th Street Writers Group – I never fail to laugh when reading her blog.

4. Life and Times of  a New New Yorker, – I love reading about her adventures in New York City and beyond, and we have very similar tastes in reading, which never hurts.

5. Noble Savage – I don’t think any blog on my blogroll challenges me and makes me think the way NS does – I’ve disagreed with her in the past in her comments and it is a huge testament to her that she engages in an ongoing conversation about feminism with her readers. Thoughtful, articulate, challenging writing – so glad she is writing a book.

6. Stainless Steel Droppings – do you have those blogs that you read that always inspire you but you don’t join in the conversation as often as you should? This is my shout out to Carl, who maintains an incredibly engaging, beautiful blog.

7. Tripping toward Lucidity – How Andi manages to keep up with her blog with her teaching, her writing and her family life, I have no idea, but I am glad she did. She gets this reward despite her contribution to my ever-growing  to-be-read list!

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9 Responses to Award Time!

  1. litlove says:

    I identified with so many of your points! I could just transfer your post wholescale onto my site, I think. I’m a hypochondriac and a trier and can sit around reading while the bathroom needs cleaning! 🙂

  2. Dorothy W. says:

    This is fun to read! We share some qualities here, especially #2 (talk about clothes? why?). I love the fact that faculty members are allowed to look scruffy. I am also guilty of #3 (yoga is really helping with that) and also #5 (the bathroom really, really needs to be cleaned right now!).

  3. Emily Barton says:

    All this time, I’ve been wrong: we are not sisters. We are clones.

  4. Gumbomum says:

    I am so with you on most of these. Beating yourself over not baking fruit pies sounds exactly like something I would do! And I could live in jeans, t-shirts and sandals!

  5. bluebluesoup says:

    Oh, thank you! I am with you on most of those – especially the clothes and the beating up of self. I totally do that and wish I wouldn’t. (The beating up of self, not the clothes. I’m happy with my clothes.)

    Can’t wait to do this myself! 🙂 Thanks again!

  6. Cam says:

    Thanks for the shout out. I did this meme earlier this month, but since you tagged me, maybe I’ll be inspired to write another post soon, though not 7 traits. I keep thinking I’m going to get back to posting regularly, but it’s just in spurts for now.

    Dirty bathrooms might be an incentive for me — to do anything else but clean them!

  7. shoreacres says:

    What fun to read this, as Arti of Ripple Effects tagged me with the same meme, and I had much fun writing about it (and special fun including a pic of a German shepherd with a laptop!)

    Even funnier, Carl stopped by and commented, and now he gets to do the meme, too. The bloggie world is smaller than we think!

  8. Courtney says:

    Litlove – the hypochondria is the worst, isn’t it? I have no idea why I manifest anxiety in this way because, truly, what is the worst that can happen??
    Dorothy – I HAVE to resume my yoga practice – it has faltered terribly this year, so embarrassing. It’s the goal for the rest of the year!
    Emily – I knew that a long time ago! 🙂
    gumbomum – work place clothes are the worst. Seriously.
    Blue Soup – You are welcome! I am so glad to have your blog to read!
    Cam – everyone goes through blogging spurts. I never blog as much as I hope to!
    Shoreacres – the blogging world really IS small – it constantly seems to circle back.

  9. Amanda says:

    What a fun award! Thank you!! I love looking at the other blogs too. A few I know well and a few are new to me. Thanks!

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