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The Honest Scrap Award

Just a quick FYI, there won’t be any recipe (s) of the month this month – the only new recipe I tried was one for ChickenVesuvio and while the flavor was spot-on it warrants further tinkering before I share…otherwise I’ve … Continue reading

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I’m dieting so you don’t have to

I recently spent over two hours with a nutritionist recommended by my primary care physician. I met with the nutritionist for two very distint reasons – the first so he could help me understand a gluten-free diet since I was … Continue reading

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G-20 Madness

Unless you live under a rock – or, say, not in Pittsburgh, which might as well be the same thing – then you know the G-20 will be held here this week. I just stepped outside to collect the papers … Continue reading

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B is for Ballet

continuing Alphabet: A History… I will always remember my first day of ballet class. Oh, I may not remember all of the details, like what exercises and stretches we did or the names of my classmates, but what I remember … Continue reading

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South of Broad

In the past several months, I’ve noticed a certain trend happening in my everythinginbetween email in-box. I’ve received…what is the right word…a flood? A spate? A rash? of requests for me to review authors, books on my blog. I find … Continue reading

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This summer…

This summer, I did not, even once, fold a falling stream of jewel-colored berries into a buttery batter sweetened with sugar to make a cake, crumble, pie or some such similar thing. But I did eat bowl after bowl of … Continue reading

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