Bullet Post Monday!

This morning is one of those mornings where I definitely have too much to say and not enough to time to say it, and so, huzzah, a bullet post Monday! Incidentally, these posts happen to be S.’s favorite kind of posts for some reason – probably because these posts are the only time in my life my thoughts come out in any sort of order, with any attention at all paid to brevity.

  • Firstly, thank you all for your thoughts on the revision process. I realize I didn’t reply to each and every one of you like I do, usually, try to do, but you all did give me so much to think about. Pete asked if I’m still having fun with the process and I thought about it and thought about it and then decided I really couldn’t answer his question…fun? Is revision FUN? Certainly not the word I would use to describe it but I am still engaged and encouraged by the process – I am still committed. Cam mentioned that I honestly need to examine the reasons *why* I am not ready to share the first draft with readers, and I really thought about this, too, and I came to the conclusion it is because it’s just not a novel, yet. There is too much wandering and too many strings to follow…I am not ashamed of my writing so much as I am determined to have a well-developed narrative before passing it around. So, here is where I stand: still revising, still committed, and to all interested parties, stay tuned!
  • It would have been hard for whatever book I read after What I Loved to live up to the high, high bar Hustvedt set but David Baldacci? Ick, yuck, blech. I was reading both Baldacci’s The Hour Game and a collection of essays by Barbara Kingsolver called Small Wonder and I ended up giving up on both books when I realized neither interested me enough to continue…it would probably take me months to finish them because when I hate a book I can ignore it for ages. I HATE HATE HATE giving up on books…something in my overly compulsive personality practically demands that I finish what I start, but I managed to shut the cover on the Baldacci and put both The Hour Game and another of his books my mother-in-law gave me in a pile of books to donate. I also stopped reading Kingsovler’s essays…I have loved everything she has written to date but I just couldn’t engage in this book at all…I’m not sure if it’s because of the dual authors…the switch in narrative voices really threw me off – or if because comes across as quite dated…it’s very very post 9/11 angsty, but I put that in a pile to return to A. over Thanksgiving.
  • I bought a beautiful new winter coat yesterday – it’s all long and black and sort of has a swing to it. Of course, today the temperture is going to reach seventy-two degrees so I’ll be wearing a summer dress and heels instead. Who didn’t put her summer clothes away yet? This girl. Sometimes procrastination pays, people.
  • I’ve lost ten pounds since meeting with the nutritionist in mid-September. I don’t know if this is from the celiac diagnosis, his program, or a combination of both…I am betting a combination of both because while I *mostly* follow his program I did have a week where I was so hungry all the time that I ended up eating cheeseburgers four, yes, count them, four times in six days (obviously bunless). I have never eaten that much fat in one week in my life,  I don’t think. I am still struggling with overwhelming hunger…it seems like no matter what I eat – whether I follow his program or if I gorge myself – I’m hungry minutes later, but this is apparently normal for celiac-in-recovery. I’m meeting with him on Wednesday so perhaps I’ll update further then.
  • I am really looking forward to this week – on Wednesday I’m going to see a production of Candide with my neighbor that’s being performed in an abandoned auto dealership in my neighborhood. On Friday my hospital is having a fundraiser and I’m attending with a bunch of co-workers…there will be cocktails and good food and fun and I am very excited.
  • But my excitement is offset by the fact S. is leaving for ten days…a combination of work travel and, well, deer camp in northern Michigan with my dad, brother and uncle. I am trying to look at his absence as an opportunity to finish some pre-Thanksgiving projects I have going. I’m actually not feeling too maudlin about his travels what with the play and the fundraiser and possible other events, too, but I’m sure by Thursday I’ll be rather morose.
  • I think that’s all! I hope everyone has a fantastic Monday!
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8 Responses to Bullet Post Monday!

  1. appellationmountain says:

    Way to go, Skinny! The production of Candide sounds amazing.

  2. Cam says:

    Just about every time I’ve been in a grocery since reading your post about the nutritionist, I want to burst out laughing when I’m in the cheese department. I hear some fanatical nutritionist ranting: Cheese is Death! Cheese is Death! Mostly I ignore those voices, of course, although it has taken much to refrain from asking the people at Whole Foods to remove that man from the store. 🙂

  3. You’ve inspired me. I think I’ve got a bullet point post brewing, though I suspect mine will all be moaning whereas yours is good and cheerful.

    As for sharing your first draft with readers, my personal feeling is that it’s too early (with regard to my own first draft, not yours). I don’t want anyone to see it until it’s burnished and polished. And that comes with the review process.

  4. litlove says:

    I am so with you on the hunger thing.It took me months to realise I had to eat a LOT of vegetables and potatoes to make up for not eating sugar. Keep eating regularly – no more than a 3 hour gap between some sort of intake.I forget, but it does help. And good luck with your drafting. I can only show things to others when I think they are okay. As soon as I’ve decided changes need to be made, I just have to do them first. Good luck with the process. It’s long. It’s taxing. Have rewards.

  5. Courtney says:

    A – Candide wasn’t as good as I had hoped – the acoustics in the Don Allen SUCKED – but I had a great time with my friend Brian so it was all good.

    Cam – cheese is one thing I simply haven’t been able to give up. He and I had a heart to heart about it and agreed to disagree.

    Charlotte – you never moan..your posts are almost always upbeat!

    Litlove – yep – it takes quite a few veggies and fruit to feel full, that is absolutely true! I seem to be hitting some kind of equilibrium now, though, thankfully.

  6. shoreacres says:

    I just laughed when I read about your difficulty in putting books down. I’m just the opposite – if I open one and find it boring, or whatever, I’ll put it down too quickly.

    Sometimes I go back, and sometimes I don’t, but if I start thumbing through pages to find “a good part” – i.e., something that seems interesting – I know it’s time to quit. There are too many books to stick with a bad one!

  7. Pete says:

    Trust me to be tardy with my Courtney’s blog reading – I get tagged in the first paragraph! Sorry about the Celiac – I just checked that out on Wikipedia. The gluten-free and cheese-free diet sounds challenging but if you’re as OCD as you say then you will excel at it! Good luck with the eating plan. Rewards are good too. And revision shmission. It sucks but the end is worth it. Courtney’s novel. I’m imagining it winging its way into the world. But no pressure there. Seriously. I shouldn’t even have mentioned that last part.

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