The fifteen minute blog post

It is 7:15 am in the morning and while I knew *exactly* what I was going to blog about when I woke up this morning I ended up getting caught up in work first thing (tis okay, I was expecting it – if you pay close attention to cancer news this week you will understand why) so my deeper, more thought-out post will have to wait. Instead, I’m harkening back to the kind of post I used to write in just this sort of situation – the fifteen minute blog post.

So, first of all, I do promise that someday this blog will return to more in-depth commentary! I think it’s been lacking in that department because I’ve been so focused on work and, when not focused on work, focused on revising my novel – something had to suffer. That said, I love this blog and i love blogging and thanks to any of you who bear with my during this less-than-fascinating period of time for my blog – it will rebound.

Oh! The River just came on the radio! I am SO not ready for Christmas yet but I do love this song.  I’m listening to the Joni Mitchell version but my favorite is Robert Downey Jr.’s version from one of the last seasons of Ally McBeal because it was so damn romantic but you KNEW he was going to leave Ally the whole time he played it…poor Calista Flockheart – left by RDJ in Ally McBeal and now fighting stage III lymphoma in Brothers & Sisters. She’s a great actress  – I will follow her forever.

S. is still at deer camp with my dad, my brother and my uncle. He said he saw a buck, shot, and missed. He also said he’s having the most fun he’s had, like, ever. Which I find hilarious since I totally left Alpena with the intention of getting me a citified husband, one who did not, oh, say, deer hunt and instead took me to see special screenings of Precious and drink martinis. Oh well – guess I’m lucky I have my gay neighbors who like taking me places.

Ack! NOW Counting Crows are on the radio. It’s going to be a good Monday.

This timed writing is stressful. I have NO idea how those of you participating in NaNoWriMo are doing it. I am pretty sure I’d be up in bed under the covers cuddling my dog and crying if I were trying to do the same.

I only have to work six and a half more days and then I am on vacation for nearly two weeks! Woot!

I bought new jeans yesterday…NOT what I should be purchasing in my attempt to class up my wardrobe but they are super cute and I love them.  I also bought new winter boots and a new belt. Can I just say I love fall and winter clothes and also, that I don’t want to live in a world if tall boots go out of style? That said, I don’t understand the short-sleeved winter sweater look going around right now…I mean, I get it, that you are supposed to layer them over long sleeved tees but I’ve only seen two people carry this look off successfully – I would look terrible.

I want to make S. a welcome-home dinner tomorrow night but have no idea what to make. I want it to be easyish so we can enjoy some wine and catch up while it’s in the oven, but not  terribly fattening since I’m pretty sure he’s been surviving on nothing but marrow and beef jerkey since he left, but also yummy and tastes like home. Ideas?

Paul Auster! Wow!

Time is up! Seriously, thanks for sticking around while this blog does nothing more than spout off crap like this…I do forsee a future where the content doesn’t suck. Just be comforted by the fact that all my burgeoning genius is being poured into revisions…

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7 Responses to The fifteen minute blog post

  1. With you on the tall boots. I am completely in love with mine.

  2. auntjone says:

    I’m also not getting the short sleeved sweater thing and am positive I’d look like a utter buffoon in one.

  3. litlove says:

    Just chiming in with the others. Love tall boots, am confused by short sleeved sweaters. And always nice to share a chunk of your life, Courtney!

  4. Pete says:

    Oh no, Calista gets Stage 3 lymphoma? Oh well, P took the decoder so it’s not like I’m going to be watching that anytime soon! And I’m impressed that you still manage to make your 15-minute posts so entertaining. I’m also not so sure about the deerhunting but glad that S is having so much fun.

  5. Emily Barton says:

    Oh, my blog is SO suffering from less-than-fascinating-time, due to other demands, that I can’t possibly complain about yours. I do have a short-sleeve sweater that my sister and mother convinced me to buy a couple of years ago that seemed completely impractical to me (I mean, if it is cold enough to wear a sweater, then I need long sleeves), but I actually love it, because it’s got a really nice cut to it that flatters me, is warmer than I thought, and looks nice under jackets. However, being as fashion ignorant as I am, I had no idea I was supposed to be wearing a long-sleeved t-shirt under it. I’m pretty sure that would not look too good, especially since it’s got a slight puff in the sleeves. And I recently bought a brand-new pair of tall boots that I am practically living in. (Maybe I’m not so unfashionable after all?)

  6. Courtney says:

    Char, yes. Tall boots = love.
    Aunt Jone – I would look like a utter baffoon as well. I’m not even trying one on.
    Litlove – you are sweet – I’m amazed people are still reading at this point – although I have *high* hopes for the new year.
    Pete – you need to get that decoder back! And thanks for saying this is entertaining – really, too kind!
    Emily – this is always the point in the year where I end up throwing my arms up and starting over in January! As for the short sleeved sweaters…have you seen the ones this year? I have short sleeved sweaters that go under suits that I like…but these are super bulky sweaters, and long, but only hit the elbows? Does that sound familiar?

  7. A Free Man says:

    Hope you’re enjoying your vacation. I need a vacation after a couple of weeks of vacation.

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