Resolutions, 2009

No time like the present to take a gander at the resolutions I made on December 27th, 2008.  I tend to get a little resolution-crazy every December and make WAY too many resolutions – with not only a new year but a new decade ahead of us I hope to pare down the resolutions and approach the year with more focus than in the past. But this post isn’t about next year – it’s about this year!

Resolutions, 2009

1. Quit smoking, once and for all.

Hurrah, I am proud to say I finally achieved this! I officially quit smoking on September 14th of this year, which means I’ve been quit for three months. I’ve been an off and on smoker for years and have several quits behind me but throughout them I always would smoke here and there. This is the first time since college I can honestly say I haven’t had even one cigarette in three months. Even if I don’t accomplish anything else on the list I know I am entering 2010 healthier and happier than last year.

2. Develop a wardrobe Ifeel good about .

Check, check! I really don’t enjoy shopping and for the longest time we never had any money, and those two facts combined led to one of the worst working-girl wardrobes, ever. My clothes were shabby, unfashionable and made me feel terrible about myself. By shopping every weekend (yes, I know, it sucks), taking clothes to the tailor, and looking for great deals I finally feel like I have clothes. Right now I have enough work clothes for two full weeks of work and three good casual outfits. I just have to maintain this in 2010. I know it’s shallow, but it really does make all the difference in terms of one’s confidence to have a decent wardrobe.

3. Synthesize ll I’ve learned about exercise, smoking cessation, yoga and healthy eating into a lifestyle instead of further resolutions. It’s hard to determine whether I achieved this or not. In the last three months I quit smoking, and in the last two my yoga practice has picked up significantly. Thanks to the celiac diagnosis I finally feel great – I’m going to say I achieved this, actually. I definitely feel like I have a healthy lifestyle.

4. Stop all negative self-talk – Nope. I really need to work on this for next year.

5. Stop giving credence to my ongoing health fears Former hypochondriac – current celiac – turns out it WASN’T all in my head. Above and beyond the celiac diagnosis I have been very good about my healthcare this year and am happy I don’t have to put this on my list of resolutions for 2010. I see the dentist twice yearly, I get my cholesterol tested, I get my moles checked. I give myself an A+ for self care!

6. Become more fiscally responsible, developing a new financial goal each month – I was doing really well with this goal until mid-summer, when everything S. and I owned crapped out at once – from our cars to our coffee pot to our microwave to our dvd player…and on, and on, and on. I am saving the details for an essay I am writing, but suffice it to say we did a great job of continuing to paying things down (student loans, the house, car loan, etc) but a terrible job of saving – fiscal responsibility will be a big goal for the upcoming year.

7. Get back into theater – I saw a couple plays with my neighbor but did not do much else. Still thinking on the practicality of this, as well as the strength of my desire. I’ll write further about this in the new year…

8. Engage my inner academic – I don’t even know what I meant by this. I am pretty sure I didn’t do it, though.

9. Find a church – Still working on this.  Hope to have one by Easter.

10. Volunteer – Ooof. Nope.

11. Be on time for work – as long as I don’t write in the mornings, I am on time, even early. When I work on my writing, though, I tend to get caught up, determined to write just one more sentence…I could do better about this, really.

So actually, I am not heinously disappointed in my 2009 resolutions. I think I made good progress on many of them. As I noted above, I am entering a new year and a new decade healthier and happier than many other years – that’s a mark of a good year! I’m not totally sure what my resolutions for 2010 are going to be but I do hope to have fewer, more concrete, and perhaps even more fun resolutions.

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10 Responses to Resolutions, 2009

  1. inthemainstream says:

    Have you tried Sixth Presbyterian? I go there, and it’s a nerd writer girl’s dream church come true. You’re totally welcome to come with me!

    And congrats on all you’ve accomplished this year. (=

  2. Smithereens says:

    Wow… congrats! I suspect that this is the reason I don’t make resolutions (esp not written): at some point you have to review them. Certainly it would do me good (yoga! theater! medical checkups! wow again!), but it’s too much for me right now.

  3. nova says:

    Congrats on reaching those resolutions! I think you did great—and you were really ambitious, so many of them can carry over into 2010!

    You inspired me to look back at mine too… I made a resolution NOT to try for something and that was the year it happened, which is terribly ironic, but my big resolution was to finish the new novel in 2009. I have less than two weeks left, but the first draft may just be written to the end on or before Dec. 31. I’m determined to make it happen.

    Now… to get my husband to agree to quit smoking in 2010 🙂

    And to think up some real and serious resolutions for 2010!

  4. Elaine says:

    Kudos, Honey! Let’s celebrate your quitting smoking with some binge drinking in 2010! Teehee.

  5. Amanda says:

    Congratulations on all your achievements. I so need to do the develop a wardrobe I feel good about one, I hate all my clothes although I have very few. And those I do have are badly fitting because my weight keeps fluctuating. I have more or less given up but it is depressing and I don’t want to be a frump.But shopping every weekend!?! I don’t think I could stand it. If only you’d said there was an easy fun way to achieve the wardrobe.

  6. shoreacres says:

    Congrats especially on the smoking cessation!
    That’s a biggie! That was quite a list you had – even 50% success would have been terrific and you did far better than that!

  7. litlove says:

    You did really well! Particularly on the no-smoking front. It’s hard to quit and stay quit – be proud at what you’ve achieved and you’re less likely to fall back.

  8. A Free Man says:

    Certainly admire your ambition! Good job on the smoking, I quit earlier this year. Hopefully for good.

  9. Emily Barton says:

    Bravo! I’d say you accomplished quite a lot. Quitting smoking is the hardest thing I’ve ever done in my life, bar none. Fifteen years after quitting for good, though, I am so glad I managed it.

    For 2010: I’d say your first resolution should be to start with about half this many resolutions.

  10. Courtney says:

    A – I looked up sixth presbyterian and it looks amazing! S. and I are trying out churches together but we for sure put this on our list!
    Smithereens – some people are resolution people and some aren’t…I think it’s probably to be one who isn’t, when and if possible…
    Nova, quitting smoking is definitely the hardest thing I’ve ever done…I am sure your husband will quit – just be there with all the love and support possible!
    Elaine – it’s on – with you AND John Cusack! Call me when you return.
    Amanda – sadly, shopping is definitely part of the equation – and shopping often, and doggedly. I so wish I could tell you differently!
    Shoreacres – aw, thanks so much! I am pleased with all the progress I made, and am looking forward to next year!
    Litlove – I will never smoke again. That is a promise to you, me, and the blogosphere at large. NEVER.
    A Free Man – CONGRATS! I am terribly impressed with both of us!
    Emily – it IS hard, isn’t it? and I wish I could say I have fewer resolutions but I fear I have more…

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