Halfway There

I’m halfway through my pregnancy, which in my mind means I only have to do what I’ve already done, albeit while being much larger and clumsier than I am normally used to being.  We are very excited here in our household – nursery colors have been chosen! Names decided (sex determination is next week). I have been blessed (knock wood) with a very healthy pregnancy so far and for that I am terribly grateful. That said, there are some things I am very much looking forward to, post-baby, and so, in honor of the halfway point, I thought I would list some of them. For your reading purposes it might be best to keep in mind that yes, I live in the U.S. and therefor am subject to a LOT of pregnancy “rules” from my doctor, but I am nothing if not a fan of  Western Medicine and so I follow the rules – I am well aware pregnant women in Italy are enjoying a glass of wine and pregnant women in France are eating unpasteurized cheese. I, however, am not.

Foods I am looking forward to eating:

I haven’t found a gluten-free diet for my celiac disease difficult to follow at all until I got pregnant. Between eating gluten-free and following my doctor’s orders for a healthy pregnancy, I have sometimes struggled with feeling as though there is nothing, nothing, I tell you! I can eat. Here are some things I am eagerly looking forward to, post-baby:

mussels and frites – sigh. sigh. sigh. Probably my all-time favorite meal – I dream of going to Brussels just to enjoy this as an every day meal. I have yet to decide which restaurant I will enjoy these from first – will I find away to have someone smuggle me a dish from Point Brugge, with the unforgettable garlic, white wine and cream sauce that is perfect to mop up with whatever frites you haven’t stuffed in your face already, or will I first enjoy them from Nine on Nine, with the incredible butter/garlic/awesome sauce, with the frites piled on top? It will be a difficult decision and much of it will depend on my frite mood – will I want to dip them in the basil mayonnaise from PB, or ketchup at NON? I don’t know, but I can’t wait.

Sushi – Lately all I can think about is a spicy tuna roll. Oh, I know there are cooked sushi rolls I could indulge in – people tell me that all the time. A cooked sushi roll is not what I want. I want a spicy tuna roll, brimming with raw tuna and hot enough to burn my mouth a bit. I enjoy all sorts of sushi and sashimi but it is this particular roll I have fixed my sights on and it is what I think about at least twice a day.

Brie – At my local Market District Giant Eagle, the fancy cheese section has these wheels of brie and I am obsessed with them. Normally something I would ignore in favor of healthier choices, the fact that they are forbidden has heightened their appeal dramatically. These wheels of brie sit in a glass display case, much the way bakery cakes do, and are covered in piles of various fruit – there is the wheel of brie covered in a pile of blueberries, the wheel of brie covered in apples and caramel, the cranberry-coated wheel of brie…as soon as I get home or perhaps before I go into labor, even, I am ensuring a huge chunk of one of those wheels is in my fridge, ready to be devoured with some gluten-free baguette.

Medium-rare meat – this eating meat well-done thing is absolutely for the birds, in my opinion, and it has made enjoying any sort of red meat nearly impossible for me. I want to cry every time S. puts a well-done burger or slice of steak on my plate.  Once I have this baby, I cannot wait to indulge in a medium-rare piece of beef, with a side salad absolutely smothered in blue cheese, while drinking…

Drinks I’m looking forward to imbibing:

a cold vodka martini – I can admit that this drink is so far off in my future that it probably isn’t worth even thinking about – it certainly doesn’t seem like a proper drink to have while breastfeeding, not to mention caring for an infant, but I am still looking forward to the first time I have one, with three olives, please.

red wine – hopefully a little bit nearer in the future than vodka, I am greatly anticipating a singular glass of red wine some afternoon post-nursing. Just one. I think it will be a red zinfandel. Or maybe a malbec. Regardless, I really miss having a glass or two of red wine and am greatly anticipating the return of it to my lifestyle, even if it’s simply a glass or two a week.

coffee – In the interest of full disclosure, I have certainly had caffeine while I’ve been pregnant. I’ve enjoyed chocolate and occasionally, a coke to settle my queasy stomach (or out of desperation when I am tired of water) but as soon as I found out I was pregnant I shoved my coffee-habit to the wayside, firstly because I assumed the caffeine to be on the “no” list and secondly because it made me sick. I am assuming the latter of these reasons will disappear when I have the baby and while I think about sushi a couple of times a day, I think of coffee probably every two hours, and the first cup I will savor. I think about pouring the cream into the cup, watching it meet the black coffee…I think I need a minute…

Things I am looking forward to doing:

bikram yoga – before finding out I was pregnant, I had regularly been practicing hot yoga. I don’t know why this form calls to me more so than others – I think it might be because the heat relaxes the stress from my pelvis (which I broke in several places years ago) – but I fell in love with the heat and the flow of the class. Unfortunately, bikram yoga is on the first DO NOT DO list you come across in What To Expect While You’re Expecting and in those first queasy months I am sure I couldn’t have handled it, anyway. I still miss it, though, and can’t wait to return, sometime in the nebulous future. One of my biggest question…can this be practiced while breastfeeding? It seems like it could get…messy…

swimming, and then submerging myself in a hot tub – I’ve managed to keep up a decent exercise routine so far during the pregnancy, and it includes swimming laps at my pool, but I admit both my duration and speed has suffered greatly. Before pregnancy I was close to my goal of swimming a mile in under an hour – now I am swimming twenty laps in half an hour – something about it makes me exceptionally tired. I still enjoy swimming but my gym has an amazing hot tub that I love soaking in it after a long swim, especially in mid-winter when the rest of the world is icy and cold.

buttoning my pants – In the last week, I’ve had to say goodbye to my regular clothes and instead embrace maternity clothes. On the one hand, thank God for maternity clothes…they are pretty cute these days and are really comfy – but to me there is something weird about the lack of a button or zippers…it makes me feel like I’m perpetually in pajamas. I am pretty sure the first time I can zip up a pair of jeans or button one of my skirts, there will be rejoicing.

Of course, mostly I am just looking forward to having this baby – to meeting and learning all about him or her and all of the above stuff doesn’t even rank when it comes to my excitement over that – but still. It will be nice, at some point, to feel the sweat trickle down my back while in downward dog, or to spend an hour with a glass of wine some chilly winter afternoon.

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9 Responses to Halfway There

  1. Lovely post. When I was pregnant I missed gin, which is odd since I drink a G&T about four times a year, but not being able to have one made me want it more.

    You have so much to look forward to: your gorgeous baby and the unutterable joy of being able to button those pants. Put the two together and what a feeling!

  2. litlove says:

    There are SO many rules for pregnant women now – I don’t know how you work your way around them! You have all my sympathy – my cfs diet (no sugar, no yeast, no caffeine, no booze) is hard enough at times. But at least the end is in sight and it’s lovely to have a list to work through once the baby is here. You looked so beautiful on your recent facebook picture that it’s clear pregnancy is really suiting you overall!

  3. moe99 says:

    I don’t recall missing much during my 3 pregnancies except alcohol, which was really not a problem. If you are a Belgian food fancier, which chocolates do you prefer? My favorite is Leonidas. Lived there for a year back in 78-79.

  4. burghbaby says:

    I didn’t miss caffeine at all while pregnant, mostly because I never drank coffee or really enjoyed soda. Funny how having a 6-month old and returning to work taught me the joy of coffee . . . and a lot of it. I think it was invented by a sleep-deprived parent.

  5. Amanda says:

    I love your list! I definitely would put sushi and red wine on my list too. I’ve never been pregnant but may try next year. Yikes! What does your baby room look like?

  6. Andi says:

    Ahh yes. I, too, was enamored of sushi when I was pregnant. I was also told to heat my lunch meat which just struck me as weird and offputting.

    Congrats on the halfway point! Will you be sharing the baby’s sex when you find out?

  7. Emily Barton says:

    Halfway there? Already? My, this pregnancy thing goes by extremely quickly (when you’re not the one going through it, that is). I’m pretty sure if I were pregnant, coffee and sushi would be what I’d miss most.

  8. Courtney says:

    Charlotte – I missed gin and tonics too, LOL. I rarely drink them but not drinking anything all summer long was sort of weird!
    Aw, Litlove – I’m blushing! I’m not sure about beautiful but I’ve been lucky with this pregnancy – except for some fatigue and first semester nausea it hasn’t been too bad!
    Moe- you know, I am a belgian food fancier but I don’t know much about their chocolate – I am hanging my head in shame! I enjoy chocolate but am not much of a connoisseur.
    Burgh baby – I am sure I will return to my coffee habit with a vengeance as soon as the little one is born!
    Amanda – currently the baby room is a hot mess but it will hopefully look all peaceful and yellow and sunny when S. is done with it.
    Andi – we are having a girl!! So terribly excited!
    And I haven’t had a sandwich during this pregnancy because of the lunch thing – it’s another thing I am DYING to have.
    Emily – LOL. The pregnancy feels like it is going quickly now but it felt like it was dragging for most of the summer, I must admit.

  9. Cam says:

    I didn’t know about not eating sushi until the day after I tried it for the first time – and then worried for a few weeks that I had caused irreparable harm to my baby. Caffeine and alcohol were the big no-nos then, but it seems like the list has grown over the years. Despite the worries and the restrictions and finding it frightful to look in a full length mirror, I think the healtiest – and sexiest – I ever felt was when pregnant. May the next half of your pregnancy go quickly, but not too quickly that you exhaust yourself with all of the prep work you need to get ready to bring that wonderful baby home!

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