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2010 Reading Round Up

Normally I would wait until closer to the end of December to post this year’s reading round up but I decided to go ahead and post it now for a couple of reasons: firstly, no matter how hard I try … Continue reading

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Saving Your Thanksgiving Green Beans (Dilly Green Beans)

First of all, you’re welcome. Second of all, if you’ve already purchased the cream-of-whatever soup, the canned (shudder) green beans, and those onion-y fried things, and you happen to be looking forward to your green bean casserole, then I suppose … Continue reading

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Missing my mother

After a lot of discussion, S. and I have decided that only he and I will be present for the birth of our daughter, and the only visitors allowed to the hospital after her birth will be my brother and … Continue reading

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The third thing I love about Pittsburgh

some of my writing and blogging projects have fallen by the wayside ever since I took my writing break last spring – I am attempting writing resurrections on many fronts. …the third thing I love about Pittsburgh – all its … Continue reading

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