Some movies I watched this year

I didn’t manage to catch many movies this year, and most of those I did see I saw with my co-worker, M. We combine our movie going with with some fabulous dinner beforehand and snacks during the movie and that makes her, like, the perfect movie-going companion as far as I’m concerned. I’m not sure why, though, the list of movies I have seen this year is so limited, except I guess that there is only so much time in one’s life and hey, I read The Lacuna this year. I’d like to say there will be more time for movies next year but I am not exactly confident that will be the case, what with a newborn and all.  Anyway, here are some movies I watched this year, as well as some television shows thrown in for good measure. (edited to say: I left out the television shows because this post grew quite long – tv will be added in at a different date)

Movie In Which I Wanted to Wear All the Clothes and Sleep with the Hero, even though I would look Terrible Doing Both: Eat, Pray, Love – Wow, did this movie (and thus, the resurgence of the book) bring out the haters. Wow.  I read the book a few years ago and I remember really enjoying it – I guess it became such a mainstream thing that a lot of people felt the need to tear Elizabeth Gilbert down. Ah, well – I thought the movie version was fantastic – the disparities between Elizabeth and her husband came through well, the food scenes in Italy were everything you could ask for, and I am finally no longer terrified of Javier Bardem, whose performance in No Country for Old Men actually haunted my dreams for a year or so.

Favorite Movie of the Year: The Social Network – I found this movie really incredibly both in terms of the writing and the acting.  Despite already knowing (for the most part) the drama behind the creation of facebook, I was impressed with how much intrigue and suspense the movie created, and how much it humanized Mark Zuckerberg – I really didn’t think it made him look as terrible as was reported. I found myself sympathizing quite a bit with him. In addition, Justin Timberlake still basically rocks.

Best Adaptation from a Book: Shutter Island – I found this stylized, 1950’s inspired version of Dennis Lehane’s novel incredibly well-done. I willingly content that Leonardo DiCaprio is one of the very best actors working today, and I argue the same for Michelle Williams.  No matter what else, I will remember this movie because I went with my mom, dad and brother last February and we all realized it was the first time we had all been to a movie together. Certainly, we’d been to the movies in every other possible familial combination, but all four of us had never been to a movie together until this year.

Most Surprisingly Enjoyable Movie: Adventureland. I didn’t really know what to expect – I knew the movie was filmed in Pittsburgh at our local amusement park, Kennywood – but had no real concept of the plot.  I found this movie a great coming-of-age story with the perfect combination of levity and humor and sweetness.

Movie that proves my point that Drew Barrymore is one of the most talented actresses working today: Grey Gardens – I believe this was made for HBO originally – I received it via my blockbuster queue. I found this movie absolutely mesmerizing, thanks to the performances of both Drew Barrymore and Jessica Lange. It’s a somewhat fictional depiction of the lives of Little Edie and Big Edie Bouvier, relatives of Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis. I still need to watch the original documentary by the same name but this movie really does a fantastic job of drawing you into the eccentric, creepy world of these two women.

Stupid-ass dude movie I really shouldn’t have enjoyed but am forced to admit I did, thoroughly: The Hangover. Enough said.

Movie I just loved, for the actors, the story, the kindness behind it: Funny People – another movie I can’t recommend highly enough – the relationship between Adam Sandler and Seth Rogen is so honest, it took my breath away. Even if this means a disturbing trend in my fondness for Judd Apatow movies, I guess I don’t care – I think he does a really great job of grasping the truth of human relationships, even if that truth isn’t pretty or politically correct.

Movie that caused baby E. to dance on my bladder through the whole darn thing: Inception – I saw this with my brother and I don’t know if it was the spicy thai food we ate beforehand or the candy during the movie or the loud noises or an overall objection to the overly complicated plot or confusing conclusion, but my baby moved more in those two + hours than she has before or since.  I found it hilarious. And also, uncomfortable.

I very recently, as of today, actually, had to put myself on a no-activities  after work rule due to some extreme exhaustion cropping up with baby E., so I won’t be seeing any movies after work with my brother or M. for quite some time.  There are a few movies I am looking forward to that I hope to see on weekends, including Black Swan and The Fighter – I hope to fit in a few movies over the next several weekends when I can find the time.  I am sort of playing around with the idea of adding some more reviews and critiques to this site in the new year, including books and movies – possibly some plays. I’m not sure yet if this will happen or not – I do know I want to take this blog in a bit of a different direction for 2011, but have yet to fully determine what that is.

For now, though, these are some of the movies I watched in 2010 and I hope you had a satisfying movie year, whether you saw one movie or a hundred.

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5 Responses to Some movies I watched this year

  1. laura says:

    Oh hey, I’m glad to see someone say something nice about Eat, Pray, Love, because I really want to see it still. And I want to like it too, since I loved the book so much. So maybe I’ll remain hopeful.

    I liked Shutter Island too!

    Oh, and wow, just noticing how *long* your books list is for the year! That’s amazing! I wish I could say mine was even a fraction of that. I really meant to do better on that this year… but I did read a lot of blogs, does that count? 😉

  2. litlove says:

    This is a great list. I am casting around here for movies to give for Christmas and several possibilities spring to mind now from your suggestions – thank you!

  3. shoreacres says:

    Haven’t seen a single one of the movies, but thoroughly enjoyed your reviews. I was amazed that your whole family finally got to a film together – that was the neatest detail in the post!

  4. Courtney says:

    Laura, I really liked Eat Pray Love! I recommend renting it, getting a bottle of wine and some cheese and crackers and just enjoying it. It’s a lovely movie and Julia Roberts does a great job.
    Litlove – I think Grey Gardens would make a GREAT gift, as would Shutter Island.
    Shoreacres – are you much of a movie watcher? I remember you don’t have a tv, which I still find amazing and wonderful!

  5. Pete says:

    I’ve only seen one of these (The Hangover) and it was very funny. One of the ways that the soldiers amuse themselves on deployment is to quote the Chinese guy. Works every time! Am keen to see the others as well (even Eat, Pray, Love). Thanks for the suggestions.

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