Bullet Post Friday!

(1.) Yesterday I started writing a post about Kim Kardashian’s divorce – it was mostly a rant and I made a lot of salient points ( I think) but then I logged onto facebook and one of my friends from home (actually, he was my first boyfriend – in the 6th grade – he dumped me when we were on a school camping trip to the Pictured Rocks for this awful girl  scout named Melissa – but we managed to move on from that when we started junior high and got all mature) had this status update: sending peace and love into the world today and I thought, damn, I was about to do the opposite and so I deleted the whole thing. So I won’t say anything about that whole debacle except, really????

(2.) I am at one of those writing points where I am so excited about multiple projects.  Just when I was thinking that maybe writing a play was the wrong choice because my glimmer of an idea wouldn’t form, it started to take shape! But at the same time I find myself excited for another potential writing project that would truly be more of a blogging/social media project, as well as for a book of short stories I would like to write.  Tonight I am going to force myself to focus on a plan of attack for these projects and get moving on them.

(3.) Evangeline is growing so quickly it absolutely takes my breath away.  Here is a picture of her eating black beans…everyone told me they would upset her stomach but she grabbed them off my plate anyway and, because she is tough like…well, somebody or something tough, her stomach didn’t get upset at all.  She’s nine months old, standing and taking steps and her favorite thing to do is play tug of war with a rope toy with Skylar:

(4.) Being a working mom is harder than I ever thought.  Possibly I would say the same thing about being a stay-at-home mom, too, but balancing work and family life is a constant struggle.  I have days where I think I am doing okay at it and then days where Evangeline is teething, S. and I both have meetings we need to get to but in order to get to them we each need the car and we rea lize we really need to buy a second car but God, who has the time to car shop? and then E flings her sweet potatoes on my blouse and my boss calls on my blackberry and I just want to cry. In fact, crying anymore seems to me my go-to emotion, as though I don’t have any reserves left for rationally handling days like this. I am not sure what the crying is all about but I will say this – even though I find working and raising a baby more difficult than I could have imagined, and even though I cry regularly and dramatically, I am oddly happy with all of it – I even on some level find a cathartic joy in the crying. Of course, it’s easy to say I am happy today – we just had a maid service come clean the house and everything is sparkly clean for the weekend.

(5.) I am in between books right now – I’ll be going to the library this weekend.  I just completed the Hunger Games trilogy and wow, I found it incredibly dark – it’s almost hard to believe the trilogy is designed for younger readers (althoug the language isn’t terribly complicated). I am in the mood for a thick family saga, I think – something as opposite from the Hunger Games as you can get. Suggestions welcome!

(6.) I am LOVING the two new fairy-tale inspired television shows “Once Upon a Time” and “Grimm.” I really dig the dark side of fairy tales…when I was little my parents gave me a huge book that had the original tales of Cinderella, The Little Mermaid, etc – in Cinderella the wicked stepsisters chopped off their toes to fit into the glass slipper, in the Little Mermaid she died in the end…I read these before I was exposed to the Disney versions and I relished them. I actually think the television shows capture the original spirit of fairy tales better than Disney ever could.

(7.) I am this close to buttoning all of my pre-baby winter slacks so I keep postponing purchasing new pants but winter is almost here and I am not sure at what point to give up, give in and go shopping.  I’m four pounds away from my pre-pregnancy weight and all of my clothes except my winter slacks fit, and those are so close…but I suppose it’s possible that even if I lose the last four pounds this month, my pants still might not fit precisely the way they did before, so I’m feeling a bit conflicted on what to do. I find it strange so many of my skirts, jeans, cords, etc. fit but winter slacks don’t!

That’s about it from my little corner of the world today – I hope everyone reading is happy and healthy and about to enjoy their weekend.

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11 Responses to Bullet Post Friday!

  1. I send you huge bouts of admiration at being a working mother with a small baby. You deserve all the tears it takes and I’m glad you find them cathartic. I wish I had a great book recommendation for you … I am about to start The Marriage Plot by Jeffrey Eugenides which sounds like it fits your bill.

    Kisses to your beautiful baby!

  2. smithereens says:

    I’m so glad you find time to blog and report E’ progress here for us, you seem to do just fine as a working mom! (hey, don’t worry about a cry or two, we all have our moments…) And congrats about nearly returning to pre-baby weight, I’m impressed (never quite managed to do that, I hate the gym)

  3. shoreacres says:

    What a great post – like the old dispatches from the war front! Short, dramatic and to the point.

    Hey. There’s a title for a book. Dispatches from Motherhood. Whatever. Your book, you can work on it!

    I’m glad to see the word “focus” there, in the midst of your writing discussion. It’s so hard to learn, and so important. I have exactly… um….163 drafts in the blog post file. Of course, some of them are only a title. But I’ve learned that when I’m in the middle of working on something and this REALLY GREAT idea comes to me, the only thing to do is write it down, stick it in the files and ignore it for the time being. If it’s any good, it’ll still be there.

    Eavngeline is beautiful, and you’re right – it’s a shock to see her so big, so quickly. Seems to me you’re doing just fine!

  4. So much going on! I know what you mean about the baby/work balance. It really improves dramatically as they age. I rarely have the crying fits now that G is 18 months old, but I certainly do remember them, and they still crop up occasionally.

    I stalled out with The Hunger Games after the first book. I really need to dive back in now that I’ve gotten some distance from that first book.

  5. Pete says:

    That’s a relief re the crying since L does that too. 😉 Evangeline is adorable. And standing and taking steps already! Wow. So glad to hear you’re doing well with the working / motherhood balance. All the best to you and S and E.

  6. litlove says:

    Crying – it’s a hormone thing. I never cried much before my son was born, but boy did that all change! Even now, the tiniest glimpse of babies or anything remotely tender or happy-sad on the television makes me well up. And I agree that balancing work and childcare can be a living nightmare, when it isn’t a delightful thing that keeps you grounded. I’ve never found much between those states! I think you are doing fantastically well, though, and should give yourself a pat on the back and a big treat.

  7. ZoesMom says:

    I applaud you being 4 pounds away from your pre-pregnancy weight. It took me about 4 years to get there, not 9 months. That’s probably because when I am stressed, I eat and you’re right being a working mom is hard and stressful. Hang in there because it gets easier as you go on.

    P.S. Evangeline is so gorgeous!

  8. Anne Camille says:

    Wait?! I’ve been looking at pictures of the cute little girl for 9 months? Can’t be! She is adorable, btw.

    Being a working mom is tough. We’ve all had those days with crying spells and pureed sweet potatoes on our clothing.

    Can’t wait to hear about your blogging/social media project.

  9. Charlotte – oh, thanks! Of course, I ended up starting a book the exact opposite of what I was looking for…I am reading The Five by Robert McCammon – creepy good stuff!

    Smithereens – well, I would actually like to weigh less eventually than my starting weight when I got pregnant so I might be in a different situation than you! Still, I am pleased that I am almost at my pre-pregnancy weight and if all goes well I could be 5-10 lbs less than that by the time she is born….I would like to weigh much less by the time I get pregnant again…

  10. Shoreacres – I love the book idea! Sadly it’s probably the only kind of book I could complete these days – Evangeline keeps me running, that’s for sure!

    Andi – my dad stalled out on the Hunger Games too – and he never could get back into them. I felt really pulled into Katniss’ world but I can see how those books wouldn’t be for everybody!

    Pete – I’m glad to hear I’m not the only new mom shedding a few inexplicable tears! I wish I could control them but they come fast and furious and with very little warning!

    Litlove – what a perfect explanation – being a working mom is either a delight or a nightmare – definitely no in between! I struggle with it EVERY. DAY.

  11. Zoesmom – thanks! And I got pregnant a bit heavier than i would have preferred to be and kept my weight gain at 25 pounds so it isn’t such a triumph to be w/in four lbs of my prepregnancy weight…I still have a bit of work to do!

    Anne – yeah, it’s hard…I don’t necessarily want to give up work and Evangeline has a nature that thrives in daycare – but it is really hard to balance everything – more so than I could ever have thought!

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