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Journal Entries and Pictures from Evangeline’s First Year

A warning to those folks perhaps less than interested in posts about babies, birth stories and first-year parenting – my next three-four posts will focus on all of the above, as I celebrate/contemplate/freak out over the fact that Evangeline turns … Continue reading

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our house is a very very very fine house

Last year, right before Evangeline was born, I wrote a post in praise of the Pioneer Woman blog.  Nine months pregnant in the dead middle of winter, with the Steelers in the playoffs, I found myself drawn to many of … Continue reading

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2012: The year of love

Having spent the last three weeks recovering first from bronchitis and quickly thereafter from the wicked sinus/phlem/flu bug going around Pittsburgh, I think I can say with some certainty that the hardest part of adjusting to parenting for me is … Continue reading

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