How many pictures of the same lake can one take?

Thanks to inspiration from this month’s “Better Homes and Gardens” magazine, which my mother-in-law purchases for me every year, I have finally started culling and editing my many, many files of digital photos.  Sometime in 2010 I stopped framing or even printing our photos, and the result is thousands of photos stored in every possible combination of every computer-like device we have, from our phones to our home computers to our ipads. Organizing, printing, saving or deleting these photos seemed like an absolutely Sysyphus-like task but (a.) I have declared this summer the Summer O’ Organization (more on that, later (remind me!) and (b.) BHG really has excellent tips for this project – tips that seem so terribly simple but I needed to be told – like, delete duplicates and fuzzy photos. And be ruthless!

I have completed the first round of organization and while no other subject rivals the sheer number of photos we have taken of Evangeline, pictures of the lake at our small piece of property in northern Michigan come close. My mom and I often laugh when we are there together and someone “needs” to get a picture of the lake – there are truly countless photos of the camp lake, beginning when it was first built in the early 1940’s and moving through the decades since, and while everything from the boats docked nearby to the dogs leaping into its water to the fashion of the folks in the photos has changed, the lake itself, blessedly, has not.

It’s a small lake, barely recognizable as such on a map, full of pike, bass and bluegill, snapping turtles, water snakes, water lilies and tadpoles, and while I am no longer brave enough to swim in it (snapping turtles, people – and water snakes!) there is no place I would rather be much of the year than on its dock, watching the loon that returns every year hunt for fish or listening to the fish jump at dusk.

Perhaps it’s because I’ll be there in less than two weeks with S. while Evangeline spends two nights with her grandparents (her first time away from us!), or maybe it’s the advent of late spring and early summer that have me in a northern Michigan frame of mind, but my answer to the question, how many pictures of the same lake can one take? Thousands. Below, not a thousand photos of the lake, but a few, in case you are in a summer frame of mind as well.

The lake, from the front yard:

The lake, up close:

Handsome devil of a dog at the lake:

And finally, sunset, reflected at the lake ( I can’t seem to get this edited correctly, so you might need to tilt your head a bit):

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6 Responses to How many pictures of the same lake can one take?

  1. Jen says:

    Beautiful! I love the thought of sitting with my husband outside by the water on a warm day, a drink in one hand, and our kids playing nearby. Ahhh, summer!

  2. shoreacres says:

    When I started sailing, I always was taking photos of water, sunsets, and sunrises. Eventually I figured it out – they all looked pretty much the same, unless there were some special clouds, birds, stormy weather, etc.

    I’ve been wandering around muttering about needing to do the same thing. My problem isn’t so much the sheer number of photos, but the absolute randomness of their saving. I’m finally getting to the point where I can’t find what I want, because I can’t remember what I titled it. I never have used tags. It’s time to change all that, and it’s pretty much going to take a whole summer to do it.
    So, you’re my inspiration. I will accept the challenge!

    I’ll say this – your lake is lovely. I can see why you’d want to try and capture it for those times when you can’t be there. And how wonderful that you’re headed that way. We’ll look forward to more pictures!

  3. Anne Camille says:

    HI. I’m Anne & I’m organizationally challenged. And I have a photography habit. I take at least one photograph a day. It seems like I never delete anything although I am getting more ruthless about that! I’ve been telling myself that I’m going to address this issue, but it is a rather daunting task to sort through all of it.

    That said, I’m the same way about the beach where we vacation as you are with your lake. I justify the numerous photographs of the sunset by claiming that I’m taking pictures of the changing light — and it is never the same! But, yeah, I suppose they all look pretty much alike and my favorite may still be one that I took about 5 years ago with a cruddy point & shoot camera — an accidental great shot — before I even owned a camera or took up photography as a hobby. I have boxes of mementos & photographs of my son throughout the years. Maybe now that he’s about to embark on his adult life (next month!) I should put some effort into culling that material and preserving it in some way other than misc computer files and two huge boxes in the linen closet and likely a few more lurking somewhere behind cobwebs in the basement!

  4. Anne Camille says:

    I love the photograph that is turned on its side (when I turn my head)! The colors and reflection are lovely.

  5. litlove says:

    You are so good! We have drawers and drawers of photos, just in chaos. We also have a gazillion photos of our son when small, and now practically no photos of him at all from age 13 onwards. I say, take them while you can. The photos of the lake are lovely!

  6. Courtney says:

    Jen – yes! ah, summer! Yesterday was just gorgeous!
    Shoreacres – I actually left my camera at home purposefully but my brother captured a few shots with his iphone!
    Anne – this is part of my plan to get things like paper work, my pantry, clothing and photos under control! I’m not terribel but I live with more disorganization than I would like – hence, the summer O’ organization!
    Litlove – seriously, the amount of Evangeline pictures is disturbingly large. And the amount of pictures of me with her is disburbingly small – I’m always taking the pictures!

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