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The Evolution of Everything In Between

Over the last couple of days I have engaged in what I believe is my very first internet debate.  While I am a long-time blog reader and participate in certain message boards, and I’m even learning a bit about twitter, … Continue reading

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We interrupt this rant…

to bring you happenings from around the blogosphere. Brought to you by the if you can’t say anything nice coalition.  What rant, you ask? Why, the one I’m writing in my head, to be posted on Friday. I will be … Continue reading

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I know someday you’ll have a beautiful life

We still don’t have a stove. My cooking innovations have taken a precarious turn as apparently I’ve decided to survive on nothing but sweet potatoes smothered in black beans, cheese and hot sauce. Oh, and wine. And coffee-flavored frozen yogurt. … Continue reading

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My blog went crazy but it’s (almost) better

I ignored my blog for a couple of days and like a recalcitrant child it paid me back by totally misbehaving, resetting my presentation, deleting my lists, rewiring my wigits and just generally throwing a cyberspace temper tantrum.   We are … Continue reading

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