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Marriage Monday – Let’s Talk about Sleep

Do you and your partner sleep well together? This subject is on my mind, I think, since S and I have returned from the Thanksgiving holiday a little less rested than we would have been if we had stayed home. … Continue reading

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Marriage Monday – Guest Post!

Grrr, I just had this whole post written out and wordpress ate it. Grr. ANYWAY. Today’s Marriage Monday post comes from the fabulous Smithereens! We’ve been reading each other’s blogs for years now, and when mentioned guest-blogging, I leapt at … Continue reading

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Marriage Monday – mi familia es su familia edition

Early last evening found S. and me in the kitchen  – him preparing a rosemary and garlic stuffed pork loin while I played around on my ipad, trying to look like I was contributing to dinner in some fashion. “What … Continue reading

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Back from Vacation Marriage Monday Post

I have three or four drafts of posts I need to complete that actually AREN’T Marriage Monday posts but I’ve just returned from vacation and wanted to check in briefly. I traveled to Michigan with Evangeline for ten days, visiting various … Continue reading

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Marriage Monday – Do you have a “dealbreaker”?

I feel a bit sheepish admitting this, but I’ve been following the split between Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes relatively closely. I’m not so far gone that I’m seeking the information out myself but if yahoo is featuring an article … Continue reading

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it’s the little things (marriage monday)

You hear over and over and over again –  “it’s the little  things” that make a marriage or partnership work…the coffee your partner brews for you each morning or the neck rub he/she gives you each night. The small considerations we … Continue reading

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Let’s talk about that Atlantic Monthly Article…

This is sort of a Marriage Monday post, although I think ideally the subject matter affects men and women, married and single, gay and straight.  and sooo….segue.  Have you read the Atlantic Monthly article, Why Women Still Can’t Have it … Continue reading

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Marriage Monday – Contemplating K-Cups

First of all, I certainly don’t anticipate this blog becoming nothing but marriage Monday posts.  It just seems to have worked out that way for the last couple of weeks but by no means will it remain that way.  And … Continue reading

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