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This is how old I am

One of the blogging commitments I made to myself this year is to actually complete memes and pass on blogging awards somewhere in the general time frame in which they appear, so it is with great pleasure that I actually … Continue reading

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The Food Meme

Today’s post was meant to be (because I do have a sort of plan I follow – not a strict plan, but a general plan) the review of two wonderful books, Ron McClurty’s The Memory of Running and Joan Didion’s … Continue reading

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Two memes for the price of one

So I know I’ve been tagged at some point for both of these memes but I can no longer remember by whom. I’m wondering if the day exists where I will catch up on all the memes I owe – … Continue reading

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In the event of a crisis

When I took eighth grade biology, my science teacher, Mr. White, liked to freak me out by throwing dead frogs my way. My dad was a teacher as well, and I grew up knowing most of the teachers I would … Continue reading

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Guilty Pleasures

So I really don’t where I first saw this meme but I do know it’s been all over the blog world. Most recently I saw it at Emily’s – and Friday seems like a perfect day to discuss a few guilty … Continue reading

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My five writing strengths – a meme and some reflection

Charlotte has tagged me for the five writing strengths meme, which has, in the last couple of weeks, caught fire around our little corner of the blogging world, made up as it is with readers, writers and all sorts of … Continue reading

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The many names of Courtney

I read this meme on Charlotte’s blog today, and given that I don’t have it in me to write a post from scratch today, I thought this might be fun. I am rarely a clock-watcher but today I am desperate … Continue reading

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10 compliments I’ve received

 Emily of the brilliant Telecommuter Talk has tagged me for two different memes in the last few weeks.  I am, though, a meme hoarder…I like to hang on to my memes for days like today, when I couldn’t form a coherent … Continue reading

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Plans derailed. and free Genarlow Wilson. and a meme.

my plans to finish five memes in five days were derailed yesterday – too many work deadlines first of all, too sad, second of all. Sad, just because – nothing personally has happened to me (knock wood, praise God) but the … Continue reading

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Where I’m from

I saw this post over on Charlotte’s Web and it seems like a good writing exercise to begin the week. Oh, for those interested, I ended up having to quit my freelance work for Old Job last week – long, … Continue reading

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