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Five Things I Miss About Michigan

I’m heading to northern Michigan next week to visit my parents, which means one long drive across Ohio and an even longer one through southern and the northern-lower peninsula of Michigan. It is a drive I am by now very … Continue reading

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all rested and relaxed

these are the first words i’ve typed in ten days. I had a wonderful vacation, which included two ice cream cones, two margaritas, too many vodka tonics, three amazing dogs, at least five stories told to me by my parents … Continue reading

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Not Uncommitted

It’s Saturday morning. It’s a lovely winter day outside – the air frosty, the sun shining. I’ve treated myself to both cream and sugar in my coffee, when normally I drink it black. I slept beautifully last night and woke … Continue reading

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Shrooming with my parents

Northern Michigan is waking up from a long winter, almost but not quite ready for Memorial Day and the influx of metro-Detroiters who will make their way every Friday evening “up north,” to cabins and cottages and campgrounds on the … Continue reading

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I have a brilliant idea! So brilliant I might win one of those big prizes, like the Nobel or…another big name prize!  Since the state of Texas is busy stealing company headquarters from Michigan  (Comerica and Proquest, just this week), not … Continue reading

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Where I’m from

I saw this post over on Charlotte’s Web and it seems like a good writing exercise to begin the week. Oh, for those interested, I ended up having to quit my freelance work for Old Job last week – long, … Continue reading

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The Cheap Way Out

2 large starbucks coffees and 2 crumble berry coffee cakes – $7.40 (and 700 calories a piece!) 2 hours reading around kitchen table, wrapped in multiple sweaters, scarves and long johns, squinting through the bleak mid-winter light – 0 dollars … Continue reading

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It’s not you, it’s me

When I announced my resignation at my old job, I didn’t anticipate people throwing themselves at my feet, begging me to stay.  I know that in an organization as large as the one I worked for people quit all the … Continue reading

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I’ve been sort of groggy/grouchy ever since Sunday morning, for no particularly good reason.  I do know I woke up in a good mood Sunday, and then I read about Asian carp threatening the Great Lakes, and that began my … Continue reading

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if you are not interested in Michigan, politics, an utterly unqualified and uneducated opinion, or soapbox temper tantrums. If you’re still here, hello. How are things? First of all, if I wasn’t scared enough every time I have to cross … Continue reading

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