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Last Post for 2008

It’s so quiet here this morning. My parents left yesterday. For the first time in four days I haven’t seen either my brother or my sister-in-law. S.’s university gives him this week off, so he is upstairs, with Skylar curled … Continue reading

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who taught McCain to use air quotes?

not that I was going to vote for Senator McCain anyway, but as my brother D noted last night, we had to watch the debate because we cannot be the people who refuse to listen to the other side of … Continue reading

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white-knuckled hope

I bought a new white blouse yesterday, a fancy new white blouse with a bow-type thing around the waist. I’m not fully sure I can carry it off and I also feel it emphasizes the fat I still have around … Continue reading

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Let me get this straight…

I just received the brilliant forward below. I think this is the first time I have ever posted an email forward but that’s okay. Real-ish post below, and I’ll be responding to all comments to below post today or tomorrow. … Continue reading

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Guiding principles in the workplace

That title makes me want to go back to bed. I’ve been wanting to write about work for a while now but wasn’t really sure how to separate the many issues I want to discuss. I’m still not sure how … Continue reading

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Losing My Feminism

The first time I noticed, really noticed, my feminism slipping between my fingers, I was standing outside of Pennsylvania Macaroni in the Strip District with E. It was a bright, cold Saturday morning and she was asking one of the … Continue reading

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Not a real post!

Scroll down for pooterish Everythinginbetween post! Just have to ask… I just finished watching Clinton’s chief advisor wax poetic about how “close” the campaign is and how she could still be the nominee and how she’s “ahead” in the popular … Continue reading

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1/3 the way there, and the ecojustice challenge

April is almost over and since we are nearly a third of the way through the year it seems like a good time to check in with my new year’s resolutions and see how Things are Going. When I created … Continue reading

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On current politics, part one of ?

First of all, I really should belatedly thank all of you who sent email notes and left phone messages long ago when John Edwards dropped out of the democratic race for president. I’m sorry I ignored you – I was … Continue reading

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Oh, Good Lord

Just when I finally think I have my arguments organized enough to finally compose my blog post comparing Obama, Clinton and McCain to Bert, Ernie and Oscar the Grouch from Sesame Street, I end up all distracted by this whole … Continue reading

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