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new blog

Dear, dearest friends, I’ve decided to launch a new blog, for reasons that are wide and various and I’ve described on said new blog. I don’t know yet what will happen to this space – I plan to keep it … Continue reading

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Why I am voting for President Obama (again)

There are two major issues on which republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney and I agree. The first is that under no circumstances should we reduce or decrease our military (and as I type this all of my intensely liberal friends … Continue reading

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Falling into France, or Paris at the very least

When Bringing Up Bebe, by Pamela Druckerman (I would link to it but I’ve tried three times and for whatever reason that function isn’t working on wordpress today) was first published, her marketing people and the media presented it the way … Continue reading

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And in my 35th year, I give up dieting

My mom told me a story the other day about my grandmother (her mother). It came up in the context of Evangeline, as my mother remarked at how astounded her friends were with Evangeline’s eating habits.  From the day she was … Continue reading

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Penn State, concussions and some confusion over football

A couple of summers ago when I was newly pregnant with Evangeline, our friends E & E moved to our neighborhood.  They moved to our Appalachian/sort-of Southern sort-of Northern Midwest/East Coast city from Colorado, and were used to microbreweries, clean … Continue reading

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Marriage Monday – Do you have a “dealbreaker”?

I feel a bit sheepish admitting this, but I’ve been following the split between Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes relatively closely. I’m not so far gone that I’m seeking the information out myself but if yahoo is featuring an article … Continue reading

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Cutting for Stone

I haven’t reviewed a book here in a really long time.  It’s been slow-going reading-wise for me this year. I’ve only completed six books and four of those have required quite a bit of thought and attention, and while I’ve … Continue reading

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no marriage Monday post today…

sick husband and baby over the weekend have me behind with work and home – there will be a non-Marriage Monday post up  by the end of the week. I am going to catch up with some of the comments … Continue reading

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Marriage Monday

First of all, thanks so much for such supportive and encouraging responses to my previous post. I will absolutely respond to each and every one, as I try to with every post, but for now, in keeping with my new … Continue reading

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The Evolution of Everything In Between

Over the last couple of days I have engaged in what I believe is my very first internet debate.  While I am a long-time blog reader and participate in certain message boards, and I’m even learning a bit about twitter, … Continue reading

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