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we should probably stop hating on Ann Romney

Over the last few days, it’s been interesting to witness the fallout from Hilary Rosen’s much-publicized comment that Ann Romney, wife of probable Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney, “has never worked a day in her life.”   Below is her actual, … Continue reading

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Resume Advice for those seeking internships and first jobs

I am really, really glad I never pigeon-holed this blog and made it all about writing or reading or cooking or whatever because today I have a specific target audience I want to address and I am hoping those of … Continue reading

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Sounds from my new apartment, at five-something in the morning

In my old condo, when I awoke at five-something in the morning to write,  I would hear 1. the tv of my nearly deaf, elderly neighbor, blaring through the walls and 2. the high-pitched bark of her little, scruffy dog, … Continue reading

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Cross posted on my other blog It’s funny, how over time, if we are lucky, we begin to fill in the nebulously drawn outlines of our character. How we can’t even the tell the person we are becoming without looking … Continue reading

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If you don’t blog about it, did it really happen?

Last Sunday at workshop I told my fellow writers how I quit my job in the nice University town with the farmer’s markets and the white-washed library and many lovely restaurants in order to return to my old place of employment … Continue reading

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Thank You

Thank you all for the thoughts, advice and input last week and over the weekend.  And can I just say, you were so totally right? I am now firmly in the always-counter offer camp – the company did accept my … Continue reading

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The situation, this week

A couple of weeks ago, I sort of threw my had in the ring for a writing position at a corporate healthcare entity. I wasn’t sure if I wanted the position or not – it’s more responsibility, longer hours, etc. … Continue reading

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