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Test post

I have so much to share, but my blog is all screwed up. So this is test message.  All my custom design, lists, etc. are gone and even when I redo my widgets they don’t show up. So this is a … Continue reading

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Happy birthday to my father, happy birthday to me

Today my dad told me I was conceived at a campground in Indian River, in a tent, underneath a nest of birds, in August.  “I think that’s really nice,” he said.  And while I can understand how it might be … Continue reading

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The public, the private and everything in between

1. In late February and early March of this year most southern Michigan residents were captivated by the story of Tara Grant, a working mother in her early thirties who went missing right around Valentine’s day. Tara Grant’s husband, Stephen, … Continue reading

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The Hollow Man – Dan Simmons – Review

I decided to join Carl’s  Once Upon a Time reading challenge because I thought it could open me up to different types of books.  I’m still not sure what quest I’m doing; having completed one book I’ve successfully completed one … Continue reading

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I don’t know what to post

I had planned to write a post called “Swimming Pools and Movie Stars” – a silly discussion about how I can’t remember if I first wanted to be an actress or a writer. But given the days events, I don’t think … Continue reading

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I’m surrounded by the most interesting visuals right now.  I’m sitting at my desk in the living room, which is pushed up against a window, and outside it is snowing heavily, like it could snow all night, like The Shining … Continue reading

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All this talk about cancer

Here at the cancer hospital we are absolutely agog over all the cancer happenings of late: Elizabeth Edwards and the return of her breast cancer, Tony Snow’s metastatic cancer, “Newsweek” dedicating an entire issue to the disease.  When you work … Continue reading

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Everyone just working for the weekend

I’ve been thinking about different modes of work, lately. Before S. and I went out of town, a lot of frustration was building up on both of our ends in terms of work, the work we do to earn a … Continue reading

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A Perfect Day

On the Monday I started my new/old job, a couple of weeks ago now, S. and I awoke to a virtual blizzard out our window.  Now, in trading my old/new job for my new/old job, I have a much more … Continue reading

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