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This is not really a post…

because a REAL post will be coming tomorrow or the next day or most certainly, the day after that, but in the mean time, I am sorting through a whole bunch of my writing, organizing, organizing, organizing, because, after all, … Continue reading

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First lines meme

This seemed like a good meme to do today – I am supposed to go through each month of 2007 and post my first line of my first post of the month – fits in with the time of year … Continue reading

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Growing Pains

Please bear with my blog as it goes through some growing pains over the next couple of weeks. I could be blogging daily, or not at all. Regardless, there will be some changes afoot and I need to slog through … Continue reading

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It snowed!

 A. recently received a new digital camera for her 30th birthday, and generously donated her old one to me. I think it could very well transform this blog. More on this, later. For now, the first images taken with my … Continue reading

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2007 – My Year in Reading

Well, this year was a rather dismal reading year for me,  I think. I never really felt like I hit my proper reading mojo. I’m not quite sure the reason for such an abjectly bad reading year, I mean, it’s not … Continue reading

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The Courtney Tree

We put our Christmas tree up this weekend. There are few things I love more, than a Christmas tree. In trying to simplify my life for the holidays, I really gave some thought to what was important to me during … Continue reading

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Guilty Pleasures

So I really don’t where I first saw this meme but I do know it’s been all over the blog world. Most recently I saw it at Emily’s – and Friday seems like a perfect day to discuss a few guilty … Continue reading

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What I ate, on March 26th, 2006, and other things I’m throwing away

On March 26, 2006, I ate the following: bk: coffee, yogurt, peanut butter on a banana dn: chicken and sausage, mashed potatoes, green peas, wine hmm. No lunch. But I remember that chicken and sausage recipe – it’s wonderful…you roast … Continue reading

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