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And to the person who stole my yogurt

out of the company refrigerator…perhaps you don’t read my blog and thus don’t know I am feeling a little bit rejected, and perhaps you also don’t know I have a pretty severe food allergy and so can’t just replace my … Continue reading

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This sucks

Today Literary Journal wrote me and told me that my revision is full of “fine writing” and I show “tremendous promise” but even with the revision something still isn’t ringing quite right and they don’t want to include my piece, … Continue reading

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Sigh. Another Day and Still No Kitten!

So I visited my parents’ house last weekend, and awaiting me when I arrived was a huge box of my stuff from childhood.  I have a very documented life, thanks to the fact I have written fairly religiously in journals … Continue reading

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In honor of V-Day, more writing from Everything in Between

Right now, my co-workers are debating the merits of the various flavors of soup at California Pizza Kitchen.  The consensus seems to be pea soup all the way, chicken adobe something or other, not so much.  I personally think go … Continue reading

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Where I’m from

I saw this post over on Charlotte’s Web and it seems like a good writing exercise to begin the week. Oh, for those interested, I ended up having to quit my freelance work for Old Job last week – long, … Continue reading

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Can I buy a vowel, please?

This weekend is dedicated to homecoming at the university where S. works, and I hope to write much more about this later – it’s really incredible, this thriving Jesuit university in the heart of a flailing city – the energy … Continue reading

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Enough with the books and politics, here’s a riddler:

So I’ve waited two hours past the time I originally wanted to post this, in order to see if I REALLY wanted to post this. It turns out,  I do – so thank goodness this blog is sometimes, occasionally, about … Continue reading

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The weekend food of a non-foodie

I do really enjoy talking about food – I’m not a foodie, I don’t think – not like the people we celebrated New Year’s weekend with, who brought their own zesters and steak knives to a fully stocked vacation home … Continue reading

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And I swear

I didn’t read my cousin’s blog before I posted below.

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Twenty-Nine years, 10 months, and One Week

into my life and it’s official: I am not a team player.  Lucky for me I have blonde hair and am easily amused, because I somehow give off the impression that I certainly am “part of the team,” even when … Continue reading

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