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Random Diary Tuesday

One of my favorite bloggers (aw, you’re all my favorite bloggers, but you know what I mean), Sheila of The Sheila Variations occasionally posts writings from her old diaries.  These entries are super fun, not only because her writing was … Continue reading

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Meth is good for writer’s block (Bad Prose Poetry!)

Meth is good for writer’s block, or so claims whoever Terry Gross is interviewing, with that annoying voice she has, always – always inflecting. I would be a mess – if I tried meth – leaping immediately to conclude I … Continue reading

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10 compliments I’ve received

 Emily of the brilliant Telecommuter Talk has tagged me for two different memes in the last few weeks.  I am, though, a meme hoarder…I like to hang on to my memes for days like today, when I couldn’t form a coherent … Continue reading

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Attention, Blog Writers!

Ahem.  Announcement. A friend I graduated from the University of Pittsburgh MFA creative nonfiction program with a coordinating editor for The Best of Creative Nonfiction Volume II.  The below announcement essentially speaks for itself, but I encourage all of you to submit … Continue reading

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Baby Duck is getting married

My brother and I had the following conversation this morning, me while sitting in my office, dressed in my gray suit that I think makes me look like a nun, while drinking coffee – he while walking down Liberty Avenue … Continue reading

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Reasons you may not give, if you don’t want Hilary for President

Let me make it clear from the outset, I have not yet decided which presidential candidate I will vote for in the primaries, let alone come November 2008, or, as I like to call it, please-dear-God-let’s-not-fuck-up-so-heinously-again-day. I am, like so … Continue reading

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Mad mad cherry love

S. and I had several incredible days up north, with wonderful meals, sun-drenched days, cool evenings, nightly bonfires, cocktails on the dock staring out at the lake – a perfect mini-vacation, and I only had 183 emails waiting for me … Continue reading

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Everythinginbetween Goes Dark

I am admittedly remiss in posting – and for that I apologize.  We are in the midst of a bit of a brough-ha-ha here at work and it’s keeping us all preoccupied, and this weekend seemed to fly by so … Continue reading

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