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But, at least I don’t surf for porn at the library!(1.)

So yesterday, you all know how HOT I was, how very physically uncomfortable. On top of the heat, I’d eaten too much sugar and so I decided to go for a run after work, totally forgetting about daylight savings time, … Continue reading

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This may be the last you hear from me,

because it’s so hot in my office I might suffer from heat stroke any minute.  A writer friend of mine, Chris, once wrote an excellent article on the freaky relationship we humans have with temperature. He talked about how women … Continue reading

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Thursday Thirteen

I’ve noticed several bloggers do different versions of this list each week.  Some are book centered, some are not.  Today I bring you 13 things about the(my) workplace that drive me crazy, from the “I’m Right and Everybody Else is … Continue reading

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Really, it’s cold here. Seriously. Really cold.

For today’s thoughts on Michigan politics and/or feminism, please visit What We Said – it’s a more substantial post than this one will be. Sometimes, when I sit down to blog or journal or write, I face horrible writer’s block.  … Continue reading

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Endings and Beginnings

S. and I both agreed yesterday that neither of us ever really hit a rhythm this autumn.  Usually fall ushers in very specific autumnal activities, like football games and pie-baking and long walks beneath blazing trees. This fall, whether because … Continue reading

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We interrupt your regularly scheduled programming…

for an annoucement. For all of you out there with blogger or blogspot accounts, do you know that you have to enable your blogs to receive comments from those outside your particular servers? I’ve tried commenting on three blogs today … Continue reading

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Passionately Pink

*Disclaimer – Upon rereading my previous post, I realize at one point I sounded as though the fact that Italian men paid me some attention was simply a matter of course, like my beauty is siren-like in its ability to … Continue reading

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You’ve Never Lived

At certain times throughout my life, certain friends have returned from either living or vacationing abroad with a bit more, shall we say, enthusiasm, perhaps, than other intrepid travellers.  While the majority of my friends who have travelled return with … Continue reading

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So long, fair well- adieu…

I wanted to write a lovely goodbye post (so many of my sentences these days begin ‘I wanted to write…”) but there isn’t time, I’m afraid – my plane departs soon and my mom is nervous…every second I sit at … Continue reading

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It’s Sunday morning, and I’m feeling much better, thank you. Last week was just, well, dramatic.  I’ve never had a Friday night where I felt so utterly exhausted before, so rung out.  I know work shake-ups are bound to happen, … Continue reading

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