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Northanger Abbey

I promised myself I would read four books for Carl’s RIPII challenge and so far I have read…one. It’s like that old saying, tell God you have a plan and you can hear him laughing…ah, but I have 31 days … Continue reading

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Eleven Thoughts from 4:16 on a Friday afternoon

1. I have the kind of restless afternoon energy that comes from finishing one large project on time while spastically proofreading another given to me with a two-hour turn around time. I’m too burned out to begin something new but … Continue reading

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The golf wrap-up post

but before I begin, let me just say, I might be getting bored with my job. I’m not fully sure yet – just the twinges of boredom and, to be honest, subject-fatigue, are beginning to creep in but in all … Continue reading

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I’ve spent far too much time already, trying to create a title for this post

so I’ll just get to ‘er. One afternoon in August this past summer, I spent two blissful hours lazily paddling myself between the buoys at Clear Lake State Park, soaking up some properly SPF-protected sunlight and enjoying the day. On … Continue reading

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The many names of Courtney

I read this meme on Charlotte’s blog today, and given that I don’t have it in me to write a post from scratch today, I thought this might be fun. I am rarely a clock-watcher but today I am desperate … Continue reading

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My memory of being alone

First of all, some brief housekeeping: I have deleted all posts from my other blog, and will close it down at the end of the month. I could say it’s because of pressing work obligations keeping me busy, or because … Continue reading

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Why can’t I keep these posts short??

Really, why? I PROMISED myself I would keep these posts brief and yet each time I come to my blog I find myself going on and on. I don’t think I’ve written a short blog post, ever. Ah well.  It’s … Continue reading

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