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It’s all coming together now

Well. There now. I think I am finally caught up with my blog reading. I may not have commented on too many but now I’m back in the swing of reading blogs, which means my commmenting should commence accordingly.  After … Continue reading

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Everythinginbetween might be a little sporadic until I get this whole new rhythm down.  Can I just say, I WAS SO TOTALLY STUPID TO TAKE ON THE FREELANCE WORK FROM OLD JOB? Yes, I know. You all were right. SO … Continue reading

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5 things you may not know about me

I like to save memes for days like today, when I want to blog but either my ideas seem too breezy (wrote a whole post in my head yesterday about my hair color while I was grocery shopping) or too … Continue reading

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Oh, for 2008 to arrive!

Back in December, Andi of the wonderful Tripping Towards Lucidity  wrote a vibrant post  about the possibility of Barack Obama and/or Hillary Clinton running for president and/or vice-president which perfectly captured my excitement and anticipation for the can’t-come-soon-enough next election … Continue reading

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The Cheap Way Out

2 large starbucks coffees and 2 crumble berry coffee cakes – $7.40 (and 700 calories a piece!) 2 hours reading around kitchen table, wrapped in multiple sweaters, scarves and long johns, squinting through the bleak mid-winter light – 0 dollars … Continue reading

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New job, week one, a list –

(1.) Dumbest thing I did all week – agree to freelance for old job in order to finish up two projects because old boss thinks only I can do them.  Took on way too much work for one month between … Continue reading

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It’s not you, it’s me

When I announced my resignation at my old job, I didn’t anticipate people throwing themselves at my feet, begging me to stay.  I know that in an organization as large as the one I worked for people quit all the … Continue reading

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Not an identity crisis…

had a few people comment or email that the last format was difficult to read.  I hope this one is better – let me know if it’s not!

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Bookish Thoughts

This morning when I went running I had to dodge large puddles of water. The air carried the scent of thawing ground and for all the world I could have believed spring was arriving exceptionally early to Michigan and probably … Continue reading

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A plea, and a friends of Courtney who live in Chi-town and blog shout out…

If you read this blog and have a wordpress account, or if you happen to be my friend living in chicago who started blogging recently and who has a WAY more technical and beautiful blog than I do ( for … Continue reading

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