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It’s About to Rain

I am sitting at our old kitchen table, which I know use as my writing desk, watching the slate gray clouds roll in from wherever they last were.  Thunder rumbles closer and closer and I’ve seen three lightening strikes so … Continue reading

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Farmers Market Largess

I had a vision of the way my summer would unfold.  When S. and I sat down late in the spring and compared my Franklin planner against his palm pilot we both delighted in what seemed to be very open … Continue reading

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Today, and forever after, I do and will love my hair – + John Donne

Aren’t you interested to see how I am going to tie something as self-centered and vain as my hair into prose from John Donne? I know I am. I have an idea – we shall see if its execution lives … Continue reading

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Realistic reading

It has come to my attenion recently that I am not reading Anna Karenina. Oh, I think about it almost every night – I’m somewhere past page five hundred now, you know. I’ve watched Anna leave her cold, (somewhat) uncompromising … Continue reading

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Plans derailed. and free Genarlow Wilson. and a meme.

my plans to finish five memes in five days were derailed yesterday – too many work deadlines first of all, too sad, second of all. Sad, just because – nothing personally has happened to me (knock wood, praise God) but the … Continue reading

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Happy. And the 7 writing things meme.

S. came home from his business trip last night – we hadn’t seen each other for almost ten days. I am very happy he is home, and I am even more happy that while he has several more trips over … Continue reading

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Grouchy. And the food meme.

I didn’t hear my alarm go off this morning and woke up forty-five minutes late, bleary eyed and feeling hungover-ish (no, I am not hungover, for reals). Despite copious amounts of coffee I spent all morning feeling, well, a step behind everybody else. Perhaps I adjusted … Continue reading

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