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Virtual Thanksgiving Feast

Not too long ago, I eagerly signed up for Cam’s Virtual Thanksgiving Feast. In doing so, I committed myself to sharing a holiday memory or my thoughts on the holidays or at least a holiday-related post, and a recipe that … Continue reading

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The alcoholic meme

I had hoped to spend some quality time blogging today, and by quality time I mean I had hoped to write a longer, more thoughtful post on any one of the dozen thoughts running through my brain these days, but … Continue reading

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Music Lyric Monday

I’ve been wanting to write about music ever since I started this blog but whenever I sat down to do so I found myself overwhelmed, not knowing where to begin. Did I blog about music, such a general term all … Continue reading

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Facebook: Slowly eliminating mothers, one status update at a time

I’ll admit it. I am hopelessly, head-over-heals in love with facebook. Oh, for quite awhile I held back my affection. I’d been burned in the past by social networking sites that promised they could be everything I ever needed or … Continue reading

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A great night.

yes. we did.

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