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A blogging break

Dear readers, As the title suggests, I will be taking a blogging break. There is only one reason for this – the novel. I promised myself a complete first draft finished by the end of March, before S. and I … Continue reading

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Step away from the pasta

My pants fit a little more snugly these days, and my face is a bit more round than usual. Since I still walk to and from work regularly, and have actually been working out more, including extra cardio and the … Continue reading

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for the love of a good pizza

“I called Pizza Hut yesterday to complain about their Rustic pizza,” my mom said during our phone conversation last night. “But you love that pizza!” I said. “You’ve talked about little else since the first time you ordered it.” “Well, … Continue reading

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2 concerts, 4 artists, 1 Music Lyric Monday

Quick warning – this post formatted really oddly and I can’t figure out how to fix it. You can read by scrawling the arrow at the bottom but if that’s too much work, no worries – I’ll catch you soon … Continue reading

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This is how old I am

One of the blogging commitments I made to myself this year is to actually complete memes and pass on blogging awards somewhere in the general time frame in which they appear, so it is with great pleasure that I actually … Continue reading

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